Saturday, March 08, 2008

Davidson 82 Wofford 49

What a bad morning so far. The women’s team loses badly in the morning game and I’m stuck running around the coliseum trying to find lunch and Blogger crashes on me.

The crowd is immense here in the North Chuck. No one outside of CofC even begins to parallel it, and the Wildcat supporters are much more into it than the College was last night.

The rims were really tight in the girls game and Davidson is missing some here in the warmup. This day better not get any worse. This is practically like Belk Arena since Wofford didn’t bring a band. Davidson’s band played Welcome to the Jungle on their entrance.

I will be keeping the blog on a Word document in case this thing keeps crashing. So it will all be up eventually. Also, be on the lookout for a blog entry from Michael Kruse later today and pictures from Tim Cowie.
18:03 D 2 W 2
MPG opens the scoring after waiting for twenty minutes on the perimeter. No defense is getting near him. If you are that wide open, you have to be able to shoot. MPG defending Nichols and Godzinski (Wofford's tall guy who lit up Western yesterday).
16:11 D 4 W 3
Richards with a sweet drive to the hoop. Max must have read that USAToday blog. He is all over the place on every play. Now he's on Gibson. Thomas picks up his first foul. It never takes too long for that to happen. Dahlman has been pretty stout inside for Wofford defensively and Sander hasn't looked so hot offensively (misses a wide open layup that time).
14:51 D 8 W 3
Curry on the board with a nice pull-up in transition. Max is everywhere! Andrew with some nice boards as well. Davidson looks like a well-oiled machine right now.
12:36 D 14 W 10
Jason Richards connects on his first three and the Wildcats are confident. No wasted movement on offense. Tons of intensity on Defense. The Terriers move to a zone and Boris gets a good shot from the paint but misses. Noah Dahlman starting to get some looks inside…but see then there’s this guy named Stephen Curry. He’s got five and just took a charge called on Wofford.
10:02 D 17 W 12
Richards on the bench and Curry gets some time at the point. Rossiter and Barr also in the lineup so we've got next year's team on the floor. Steph takes the ball from the top of the key and goes all the way to the bucket. I think that he'll be OK at point guard.
8:17 D 22 W 15
Rossiter gets put on his back on a free throw rebound and the ball lands in his lap. Wofford fans call for travel wasn't.

Being at Davidson for four years really emphasizes the ideal of the underdog...small student body...often overmatched team that plays really hard, etc. But here in Charleston, Davidson is the team you pull against. I've always known that, but it is really evident when you hear the roar of the coliseum on every made shot.
7:43 D 25 W 15
Bryant Barr with two straight three-pointers. Kevin Cary turns around and claims that he was really close to predicting that. Curry and Richards both have 7 points right now.

Dahlman hasn't seen the ball recently which spells trouble for Wofford.
5:44 D 30 W 19
Barr is outrageous right now. Huge loose ball play to tip it back to Sander. And then Curry hits a three at the other end. Wofford is not hitting threes and Lovedale is beasting Dahlman on the boards.
4:18 D 32 W 19
Wofford has been getting to the line but they aren't hitting a high percentage. Archambault and Barr both in the lineup and playing with great intensity. Rossiter had a nice offensive rebound and made it to the line. But then he goes a little too far and is called for over the back. Wofford back on the line and this game has slowed down a lot.
3:50 D 35 W 21
Boris Meno attacking the paint off the dribble and he gets the shot to foul and is fouled. Walking to the huddle he looks really confident. He has been a completely different player here in the last month...especially at Georgia Southern.

And the pep band plays Get Low. That's a new one.
2:23 D 40 W 21
Wofford is getting to the line but they can't put em down. Boris Meno continues to be a hoss. He hands the ball to Barr behind his screen and Barr waits, waits, and fires. Good! Third one tonight.
1:00 D 43 W 23
Curry for three. Wofford called for charging. Daaa-vviiidd-sooon. Da-vid-son. This building likes the Wildcats.
Half D 43 W 23
Davidson might be guilty of going for too many homeruns there at the end of the half. They connected on several, but they could be up by even more if they would have put together a few more singles. Curry unleashed a lot of threes. More stats upcoming.
18:00 D 43 W 26
Drew Gibson hits a three on MPG and Wofford picks up a delay of game warning for kicking the ball. Max misses a short jumper and Wofford gets a small opening to make something happen. That closes fast as Thomas gets a steal.
16:23 D 49 W 28
Curry with two straight threes and he has 19 points. Get a really tall guy, run Steph behind him. Shoot and hit. Repeat.

And I swear that Jason's cowlick has gotten bigger.
13:38 D 54 W 28
Lovedale with a very nice turnaround off an offensive rebound but he gets called for a foul on the other end and Rossiter gives him a break.

When Jason starts that whole drive to the side thing and hits the shot over his head, it is a thing of beauty and absolutely unstoppable. That play could kill some BCS team in the tournament.
12:00 D 58 W 30
Boris with a big steal on defense and Will Archambault connects on a nice J. Boris and Steve connect on the "Jrich-Steph jump and bump." They need to practice it a little more. But Boris likes this building. I think he wants a t-shirt to start waving now.
9:00 D 66 W 36
Every time I repost, I see that first line. It really has turned out to be a pretty good Saturday.

Barr now has 11 points off a drive down the baseline...not his preferred method of scoring, but it looked pretty good. Then Max hits a three. Wow...just looked at the scoreboard and realized Thomas hasn't scored. Only two fouls so that's not it. Davidson just hasn't used the post-up much today. And Barr for three again.
6:40 D 71 W 36
Bryant Barr! With five three-pointers! He's got 17 points today...and he might be making his first visit to the Southern Conference press conference. Big-time, Bryant. Big-time.
3:59 D 73 W 42
Brendan McKillop into the game and he has an open look with the shot clock winding down, but he hands it to Max. Max chucks a three and he now has a new season high for FG attempts.
1:36 D 78 W 46
McKillop for three! And Civi's shorts are really high. Dan Nelms misses badly. And Schmitt sees action! This is fun. Civi to Nelms for Nelms' second field goal all season. Civi wanted it to be an alley-oop but Nelms wasn't ready for that yet. So he just layed it in. Nelms with a new career high four points!
Final D 82 W 49
Wildcats win it big here in Charleston...and the big red machine keeps rolling. Stats, quotes and pictures coming up.

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