Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CSTV Hoops Odyssey at it again

We last saw our adventurers at Belk Arena on Feb. 16 when they shot some handycam shootage of Stephen Curry and Dell with a bludgeoning of conference foe Furman going on in the background. But then I saw our boys back in Raleigh with that same ol Handycam...and then again on campus on Tuesday. They just can't get enough.

I won't embed their videos this time because they just start playing as soon as you open the page and that gets annoying, but you can watch them one click away right here (McKillop interview this week) and here (Davidson celebration after Georgetown).

You can also read some of their blog entries from Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, all with plenty of great Wildcat love to go around. Another group of writers, more Wildcat converts. Thanks for the great coverage CSTV!

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