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Live Blog: Davidson 57 Kansas 59

I apologize for getting the live blog going so late. The Elite 8 is not the time for computer trouble. Let's hope we are past it now.

Davidson definitely won that first round as they got several defensive stops on two steals and a block as Kansas' huge offense got a little cocky and forced things that weren't there.

Davidson is getting single coverage on their forwards down low so they are working the ball to them, but Kansas has stopped the Wildcat attack well.

Curry is now 0-2 with two rimouts but the rest of the Wildcats are fighting strong.

14:20 D 2 K 4


Curry leads Davidson's rebounders now which is means that the bigs are taking Kansas' forwards out of the equation.

But Davidson can't get anything offensively. Kansas has arms all over the perimeter and bodies are flying in the post.

Thankfully, Kansas is shooting a low percentage and the Jayhawks are picking up fouls left and right. But with every Wildcat shot that rims out, you feel like it's a missed opportunity for the Final Four. And that you are just waiting for Kansas to turn it on.

Wow...another huge block on Sander inside. The pump fake doesn't work here. Curry still off.

In case you can't tell on TV, this place is so pro-Davidson it's not even funny.

Sander with a big three and Davidson has a one-point lead...Richards all the way and this place is hype.

Lovedale picks up his first foul in commanding fashion sending Jackson to the line and to the floor.

Kansas is currently shooting 3-13 while Davidson is 4-15. The Jayhawks have edges in blocks (3-1) and rebounds (12-8) as expected. Two rounds in and the Wildcats probably have Kansas a little surprised with their defensive athleticism. This isn't a team from the Big East...this is the Southern Conference champion, they are good.

11:03 D 9 K 6


J-Rich launches a shot at the end of the shot clock and Boris tips the rebound away from Andrew...tough tough break. Kansas ties at the other end and Robinson continues to do a good job on Curry...

Lucky karma as Curry hits his first three of the game. That's the NCAA record for Stephen Curry.

Curry in the lane...Curry in the corner...Curry, Curry, Curry.

Rossiter in and he knocks away an inbound. Curry gives this team a confidence that no other challenger to a one seed has.

Three rounds in...Wildcats have it so far. Pressure is starting to squeeze on Kansas. This isn't as easy as they thought it would be.

7:56 D 17 K 16


What a spectacle right in front of me as the Kansas cheerleaders are nearly pleading with the crowd to get loud. They get no response whatsoever. Who'd have thunk that Davidson would have a home-court advantage in Detroit too?

Curry in the lane and he has 10 points.

Chalmers hits a big three to pull Kansas even but Davidson is out running again. And Richards in the lane for two.

Chalmers again. He's got a really nice touch fading away. Of course, so does Stephen Curry...back and forth, back and forth.

Bryant Barr is not on tonight with two pretty bad misses. Those big forwards flying at him clearly messes with him a ton. Like to see Will get a shot out there on the wing. His pump and penetration could slow down their closeouts.

4:59 D 23 K 23


Davidson's double team does great work again forcing another timeout. Kansas only has three left for the whole game. How many times do we have to tell you that you are going to get double-teamed on the low block (hint: I know how to beat it, but I won't tell you).

Meno with a huge play, sacrificing his body to save the ball as the shot clock wound down. Before Kansas could recover it, whistles blew for a violation.

Richards airballs from the top of the key with another long arm flying at him. But Davidson's defense continues to be the story of this is so underrated and unheralded, but it is the reason that Kansas hasn't stomped on Davidson yet. Heck, they aren't even beating them at this point. Gregg Doyel has practically said that Davidson would win the game if it got to this point.

Davidson's mini pressure doesn't work that time as Kansas' forward doesn't have to shoot a floater but goes right over Lovedale in the lane. This strategy worked against Georgetown because their forward stopped to shoot. Not here.

Davidson misses again and Kansas gets to the line...their free throws have been pretty bad thus far, but Davidson has seven team fouls.

Curry gets fouled on a three-point attempt...he was thinking and thinking and thinking about it and Kansas knew it, but they still fouled his arm. Curry having a great half.

Before the game, I talked about the block-to-charge ratio. I thought that if Davidson won it, they could win this game. Right now Davidson has taken two charges and been called for one block on nearly identical plays. Looking good.

1:17 D 28 K 28


3 charges to 1 block.

Kansas with a nice play to end the half as they sensed the double team and dished to the baseline. I sometimes wonder why these teams don't do that on every play. You look at that and wonder how they are only up by two at the half.

Davidson is killed on the boards, but they are playing strong on their 50-50 balls. Not much foul trouble either. Call me crazy, but I think that Davidson is going to win this game. The Wildcats have outscored their oppponents by large margins in every second half of this NCAA Tournament. They will only have to score three more points than Kansas to win this one. That's one Stephen Curry three-pointer from the corner. I think it's going to happen.

Halftime D 28 K 30


Curry...what a release...I have no idea how he got that three off. Kansas' inside game vs. Curry. Davidson needs a couple more jumpshots from everyone else.

Monster pass from Richards to Sander for the layup and the foul.

The newspaper writers from the Daily Kansan ask me if Curry will be the first Davidson player to leave early for the NBA. I pause and stare at him before I break out Mike Maloy.

Kansas plays size ball as Kahn gets an alley-oop and Kansas rebounds the free throw.

Lovedale now has three fouls. They are going right at him. Thankfully, Kansas can't hit free throws...that's 2-7 for the game.

The Wildcats really need to get some jumpers from people other than Curry. MPG skies for the rebound and Kahn picks up his third foul.

First round of the second half done and Davidson won it by 2.

15:51 D 35 K 35


Lovedale with a monster rebound and sticks it back. Holy cow...he's playing with three fouls and a lot of time. But God knows we need him.

Kansas athleticism coming into play with a big steal and getting hands on Rossiter's outlet pass. What an up and down game. Kansas is not playing that well but they have kept Curry out of it in the last few minutes.

Lovedale barely misses another tough shot...and the fouls are mounting on Davidson as Kansas gets to the bucket.

Kansas is going to go on runs but you have to limit it and not create permanent damage (a la major foul trouble). Curry is getting pushed to halfcourt.

Kansas drives on Barr and gets the shot and the foul. And the free throws are starting to go down.

Kansas' bench right in front of me has energy for the first time tonight.

Round two to Kansas.

11:59 D 38 K 43


Bryant Barr hits from the corner but Curry turns it over and Kansas dunks. And Barr again. Two huge threes to cut it to 1.

And Lovedale scores and is fouled. Crowd erupts as Davidson takes back the lead. This is the Sweet Caroline round and Davidson wants to go into it with momentum...two and a half more minutes.

Every empty Kansas possession causes raucous cheers from the crowd. Bryant BARR!!!!! Three huge ones.

And Curry stops on a dime and hits mid-range. Max goes flying out of bounds and comes screaming back into the play.

Kansas uses a timeout and Davidson emphatically wins that round. I don't half mind Curry at the point. It opens up alot.

7:30 D 51 K 47


Kansas with a mini-run off a bad J-Rich turnover and a big Kansas three. Sweet Caroline could have been better thirty seconds before.

Curry had a little too much adrenaline on that three as he has a capella Sweet Caroline echoing.

Bryant Barr with his 11th point underneath. But Kansas is eating Davidson alive in the paint.

Dangerous time right here with Davidson down three on defense. Get the stop and Meno saves a bad pass, but Richards turns it over. Cmon buddy.

Final round and Davidson trails by three. This is it. No more turnovers.

3:31 D 53 K 56


Lovedale gets an o-rebound but didn't get the foul call as went back up. He then picks up a frustration one and then gets his fifth on the other end. He's done....what a standing ovation. Let's go Rossiter.

Kahn at the line and Kansas looks to be in the driver's seat. Barr almost turns it over. And Curry just can't get a shot.

Kansas ball and we are getting close to being cooked.

Richards steals and Curry has the chance...but the miracle isn't there.

Kansas on the line up four ...1:15 left. Up five. Davidson needs a few miracles now. Down six.

Curry misses another good look. It feels like we've dried up of the big shots here in the end. Time is ticking, and it looks like the Elite 8 curse might still be in effect.

59.8 sec D 53 K 59


Sander has the layup but gets fouled and misses it. On the line...hits the first. Do you play it out or foul? Misses the second and Kansas tips it out of bounds. Davidson ball, down 5.

Curry for a long three! And timeout. Davidson down 2. Miracles...miracles...miracles...need one or two more...what is that about shooters need to keep shooting?

Kansas misses and Davidson gets the ball, down 2. Need a miracle. Who's going to shoot it? My money is on Bryant Barr...Curry is going to get all of the attention.

16 sec D 57 K 59


Richards gets the look at the top of the key and misses left. Davidson came so close. Oh so close.

All 1 seeds advance for the first time ever, but I bet your money wasn't on a 10 seed to have a shot to win at the end.

Davidson's miracle season ends one shot from the Final Four once again.

For the illustrious careers of Thomas Sander, Boris Meno and Jason Richards...we thank you.

Final D 57 K 59

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"For the illustrious careers of Thomas Sander, Boris Meno and Jason Richards...we thank you."

I echo your sentiment. I thank them as well.