Sunday, March 09, 2008

Kruse Thoughts From SoCon


One-man team?

Two-man team?

Evidence, ahem, indicating otherwise:

Max. First possession of the game. Wide the heck open on the baseline, surprise, surprise. J is good.

Lovedale at about 9:40 or so. Turnaround jumper in the lane.

About 30 seconds later? Bryant Barr for three.

Should I keep going?

Thought so.

Rossiter at about the five-minute mark. O board. Good and earned. Up strong, to the line, make make.

Boris not even a minute later. One dribble and strong. Finish with a hit. Free throw good.

Then Barr again.

All before the half.

That said, driving layups from Jason and those patented off-glass runners of his, and Steph being Steph and spotting up from the wings and taking it into the lane and finishing just because he can -- well, that's nice, too. And it'll come in real handy in games that don't end up, say, 82-49.

*** To all that, though, I feel like I should say this: Dear Max. Don't take this the wrong way, seriously, because I love your game, baby, love your grit -- but there's a reason you're open. NINE shots? Could do without those 18-footers. Be the top prong on the D end. Be a pest. Be ferocious. Make us all tired just watching you. Do what you do.

*** Does anybody else out there hear a very particular noise inside their head when Steph gets the ball and sets up and lets loose with a top of the key three in transition? Sounds kind of like a whistle, or a high-pitched whine, or a ... oh? Just me?

*** About the second half I have three words and only three words: Civi to Nelms.

*** The coaches of the SoCon have been trying to fatten up the 'Cats with spoken love letters over these last few weeks, saying nice things, too nice, what with Cremins rolling out the whole "Duke of the Southern Conference" thing. Here's Houston Fancher: "They're head and shoulders better than anybody in our league." Mike Young declared the Davidson men "the big red machine." Young kept it up after the game: "I'm glad we don't have to play them anymore. That was our third time. That's enough for me." Two things: 1. All well and good. 2. Hope the guys aren't hearing any of it.

*** McKillop-speak: Thrilled. Consistency. Full 40 minutes. Same old same old. McKillop was asked one question in the presser. That's it. What, really, was there to say?*** Need three. That's one.

*** I'm thirsty. To King Street ...

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