Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back on Campus

"So is it pretty crazy back on your campus this morning?" asked Joe Reporter.

"Actually there aren't any students here because of Easter Break," answered Jason Richards.

It seemed so ironic that during Davidson's biggest weekend in decades, all of its students were home celebrating a religious holiday. But while the students did not come back until Tuesday evening for Wednesday classes, there was something very special and beautiful about this campus over the last two days.

The clues that something remarkable had happened were everywhere. The school police bought out the bookstore's supply of car flags (which was only about 15-20 to start with) and hooked them to the top of their windows. The Wildcat had a stuffed dog in its mouth, while Coach McKillop's house was covered in toilet paper.

Belk Arena was completely dark except for a small light deep in the dungeon of the complex. The Sports Information office was buzzing as phones rang with interview requests from all parts of the country. The lone printer buzzed and clanged as it printed off article after article from every newspaper in the country. The union was filled with mini basketball hoops, an arcade hoops game next to the fireplace, and full-sized basket in the bottom atrium where a handful of students played knockout.

A CBS film crew arrived on campus bright and early on Tuesday looking for scenic shots.

"We would have loved to have gotten shots of students going to class, but we got some incredible views of the sun coming up over the old well. This place is absolutely beautiful. The serenity of this morning made it seem so special."

But as the sun rose higher, the activity level followed a positive correlation. In just over two hours during the afternoon, most of the bookstore's new shipment of Sweet 16 shirts had sold out. Outside on Davidson's brick sidewalks, a local news crew got shots of members of Davidson's cheerleading squad and Mr. Cat. Students filled up the last available parking spots and made it to their room to find an email from the Dean of Students announcing that the CBS Early Show would be broadcasting live from Davidson on Thursday morning.

By the evening, campus was packed again. The Union Cafe was filled with kids sporting newly bought red t-shirts as we all replayed the events of the weekend over and over again.

"We are famous...I can't believe it."

Yes, we are. Yes, we are.


Have Jumpshot Will Travel (a.k.a. Trashtalk Superstar) said...

It must be a great time to be at Davidson. The Sweet 16 is a big deal at most schools, but things must be crazy at a campus as small as Davidson.

Just to let you know, I linked to your site today on Drive and Dish (driveanddish.blogspot.com).

Butler Bob said...

they be hirin that curry guy from them Charlotte Hornets be playin for them in the tournament lab. they be clonin and making curry drones. soon we be seein genetic drones comin out of the lab like that thriller video from that jackson boy in Gary. Butler be findin kids be eatin normal food and not be shovin them chemical pills. Butler students be goin to church and studyin. They not be hooked up to some machine and then charge for next ball game. Butler students not be professionals. Butler students be real ncaa athletes and people.

Anonymous said...


Is your sister in Prague? I posted a blog post from Prague over at Dcats.com


valpo vlade said...

Butler Bob, Butler players not hooked up to machine charge for next game because Butler not have nother game. Butler not in tournament now.

Butler player not professionals because not good enough for professional play basketball.

Butler players ptichkas. Not good enough win game in tournament.

Butler cheat to beat Valparaiso when Butler come to Valpo to play.

Referees steal game from Valpo, decide Butler win game before game start. Make benefit Butler basketball program. Referees like communist regime apparatchiks.

Valpo players from Europe: play real man basketball, jus like back in old country. Drink vodka and smoke cigarettes at halftime.

Butler play like ptichkas. Should no have bulldog for mascot. Should have pink triangle, rainbow flag for mascot instead.

Will Bryan said...

yeah, that would be my sister. her husband's name is Will also, just so that there is no confusion. In the incredibly small world of Davidson basketball, I introduced them to Frantisek Babka, a Davidson player from the 90's who lives in Prague.

Melissa said...

Congratulations on this great review of your blogging; you deserve it!


Many other alums and I appreciate your detailed and insightful commentary. Keep up the great work! -Melissa Thomson '01

Butler Bob said...


where be valpo in them goldfish winnin cbi county fair tournament. Uh huh. uh huh.
you be needin to chear on your state folk teams.

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