Sunday, May 29, 2005

long weekend

So I ended up not sailing on Friday b/c it was too windy and the boat captain didn't want anything bad to happen on a practice round...they sailed on saturday and i have yet to hear of any results. I went in to work today to make it a full week without a day off. Thankfully, I negotiated Memorial Day so I can recuperate. Whew...Furman went on to win the SoCon tournament which is amazing b/c they were the last placed seed...oh conference tournaments. I got some new Bball shoes yesterday so hopefully I can work on my game before camp comes up. Gotst to step it up

Thursday, May 26, 2005

fulfilled my desire

Whew...long day at work today....7.5 hours of doing dough...delivering...working the machines...whatever it was...that stuff is so repetitive and i've only been on the job 4 The fun part of the day was when I got off work, I decided that I wanted to relax out in the Charleston sun and the best place to do that was at a baseball game...of course the SoCon tourney is going on so i just drove over hoping i would get lucky with a good game..i walked in on Furman v. Elon. after 2.5 innings i started dozing off and realized i had better head home. thankfully i think that I am now just a tad darker and not as glaringly white. I am going sailing tomorrow with uncle phil so that should be fun...check back for updates

Monday, May 23, 2005

Interesting day

I came back from Columbia last night late...having not heard from my employer who was supposed to call me on Sunday to tell me today's work schedule. So I anxiously slept in til 10, thinking that there's no reason for me to go in early if he didn't call but realizing that it is only my second day and I don't wanna make a bad impression. So I sat around the house all morning anxiously awaiting the afternoon when I would go down to the bakery. It felt like the wait before two-a-days all over again. Except of course when I went in, Mike was like "yo wassup willy," as he walks around on his cell absent-mindedly for 10 minutes before telling me that he doesn't need me today. Wow...
The Braves won tonight in a bizarre game against the Mets. Both teams were struggling and it was a stumble to the finish as the Mets almost tied the game in the 8th when they had the bases loaded with 1 out. A ground ball to second and the double play was on, but after the throw got away from Franco at first base, we all grimace as the tying run comes in. But suddenly, the angelic voice of Skip Caray interjects that there is a tussle at second base as apparently the umpire has called interference on David Wright for sliding outside the base path and nearly running over Rafael Furcal. The replay reinforced the ump's call, much to the chagrin of Wright who, in tossing his helmet, nearly pegged the third base ump. Wow...when things couldn't get any crazier, we moved to the top of the ninth, where, after giving up a solo homer, Dan Kolb has recorded two strikeouts and has almost saved the game. Until high fly ball to left center changes things again. Andruw Jones had a bead on the ball and was trying to call off LF Brian Jordan, but Jordan couldn't hear him because the crowd was so loud in anticipation of the game's final out. So as Jones is about to catch the ball, he flinches at Jordan's immediacy and skirts a collision, allowing the ball to roll to the fence. Jordan tumbles over onto his glove hand and after regaining his perspective has to rifle the ball back into the infield to save an inside-the-park HR. After a walk, Kolb faces the go-ahead run in Mike Cameron who has already hit a HR in the game and has not been put out all night. Well Kolb strikes Cameron out in five pitches and gives Atlanta a much needed victory to keep pace with Florida. Whew

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Wow...didn't realize how out of shape I was. This morning I showed up at 7 and went riding to deliver bread. After my first trip my manager decides to send me out on my own. I don't know where half of the restaurants are or what any of the bread is called. But thankfully I did alright, except for this lone bag that was mistakenly put in my van...I thought I had screwed up and not delivered it, but it said Jerry's so I was really confused. 6 hours later, I clocked out after my first day on a real job, having done three delivery runs.
In other news, the swings of baseball are beginning to return to my favor as I had a good day from my pitchers: Sabathia and well as good hitting nights from Hank Blalock and Everett. Hopefully I will finally move up in some points.
The Braves also won tonight with some good pitching by the youngster Davies, and some quality OBP by Furcal and Giles who had been having so much trouble. Boston seemed to be having some trouble with the rain as they had a good many errors and the Braves were able to get enough small ball that even their bullpen couldnt blow the lead...although they tried.
The only bad part of my day was that Davidson lost to Furman again and their spot in the SoCon tourney might be in jeopardy. I will have to go check on the standings. They better at least make the eight seed or else I wont have any good reason to get out of work this week.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Good night of baseball

Good night for my fantasy team, although my Braves lost again, this time to the Sox. Their bats have really just been silenced for this road trip as they can't win against anyone. Hudson probably should have given up more than just 4 runs with all of those bases-loaded jams that he got out of.
Vernon Wells helped me out as he hit 2 HRs and Kevin Rogers gave up his first earned runs in 30 innings but 3 isn't that bad and he gets a win. Posada and Sheffield were pretty silent tonight but they are still playing in late innings right now. Baseball seems to be hitting that late-May bilge. Whatever happened to the streaking Dodgers? and the Orioles aren't that untouchable anymore either. The Yanks are pulling back in it and everyone seems to be winning a game/losing a game. I guess that's why people say baseball is so boring. I guess that it is in a way, but I think that we need that. I am looking forward to spending a few days at the local ballpark, "The Joe" to watch the SoCon baseball tournament. Davidson should have a five seed and they have a realistic chance of beating anyone but the 20th ranked College of Charleston...maybe we can turn this tournament thing into a plus where the regular season really doesn't matter...hehe. But as I was saying, I think that more people need to take some time off to go to the ballpark or turn on the game and just let the pitches and swings kind of lull you out of your ridiculously stressful lives. Wake up in the 6th to see who's winning and who's scored what then let the repeated outs lull you back again. Cheer for the stolen bases and the home runs, the great catches and the strikeouts. Stand up when the coach takes out the starter after 6 good innings of a cotton candy and watch the little kids run after the foul balls. That's what summer is about and what many of us really need. We are way too serious about everything. If only they had good baseball in Italy...I could get the best of both worlds.


Yo ... i finally gave in to the blogging craze...mostly just to have something to do and keep writing about sports. So mostly this will be composed of sports junk but there will be some personal touches every once in a while so everyone check it out every once and a while.

Before I go any further, I would like to say how pumped I am that I got a job today working at a bakery. I have no experience but apparently going to Davidson counts for something around here. Hehe...I'll be up in the wee hours of the morning kneading bread now...oh college summers. On wednesday I partook in the greatest event of my youth by witnessing the greatest band in the world: U2. Holy cow...I was in the upper deck at the Meadowlands and felt like I was right next to Bono and the Edge and the crew...this tour is amazing, I would completely recommend getting some tickets for the fall leg from ebay (it's sold out).

So tonight begins one of the funnest parts of early season baseball...rivalry interleague play. Mets-Yanks, Braves-Red Sox, ChiSox-Cubs, Dodgers-Angels, Giants-A' doesnt get any better than that. I'm in a baseball fantasy league and up until now I never realized how devastating injuries are on a daily basis. Normally my baseball experience has been to check standings at the break and in September and then hope that the Braves could actually win in the doesnt happen often. But this whole daily following thing has me really focused on pitcher rotation, minor injuries and the like...something that the layman fan doesnt care about. I just picked up Adam LaRoche off of waivers and I'm hoping that he will continue to be hot...I've been really unlucky with my moves...dropping Andruw Jones and Adam Dunn while picking up Coco Crisp (DL), Rodrigo Lopez (5.3 ERA)...i don't know...i guess in baseball it all evens out in the end so i just need to be more patient...we shall see.
Alright that's all for to work bright and early in the morning.