Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EA Sports simulates Davidson to make Elite Eight trip

EA Sports' March Madness 08 recently conducted their official simulation of the NCAA Tournament on the XBOX360. In the simulation, Davidson reached the Elite 8 by knocking off Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin.

No Wildcat margin of victory was by more than four points and the Wildcats were denied the Final Four by a nine point win from Kansas in the quarterfinal round in Detroit.
Davidson pulled off one of only six upsets in the simulated first round. The others were South Alabama, Kansas State, Baylor, Oral Roberts and Temple (with 9s over 8s not counted as upsets). Out of those teams, only Temple joined Davidson in the Sweet Sixteen by virtue of a win over 13th seeded Oral Roberts in the second round. Davidson was the only team with a seed over 3 in the simulated Elite Eight.

This same EA franchise had Davidson ranked 21st in the country to start the season in their default rankings. Davidson finished the regular season ranked 23rd in both the coaches and AP polls.

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Will Brinson said...

I also have the Cats going to the Elite Eight in my bracket. So I guess I like this. EA's had a lot of success with that whole Madden cover thing.