Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tip - 9 minutes

It's gametime, baby!
It feels like all of the angst of two years worth of basketball are riding on this game. At the beginning of the year, many felt that this was one of the best Davidson teams in recent history. After several disappointing road losses, the wheels appeared to come off the Wildcat mobile. But, one year later after all of the complaints of the tournament system, Davidson has a chance to redeem a 10-5 conference season with a tournament championship and a trip to the NCAA tournament.

Keys to the game:
Davidson needs to do whatever they've been doing the last two days. Playing loose. With the pressure on, and away from Belk Arena, the Wildcats have stumbled thus far. This will be their opportunity to prove their mettle and establish themselves. The post game needs to thrive on Chattanooga's four-guard lineup, and the defense cannot allow the Mocs to run around them. Chattanooga has been playing "inspired basketball" and their skill sets do not match up with Davidson.

I will be back at half. Tune in on ESPN2.

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Anonymous said...

hey will! greetings from Sevilla! i am luckily getting a wireless signal to "watch" the game online, which means watch the scores change. i can't listen to it on the radio online and i have no idea why. but whatever. are there a lot of fans out to support or are they all back at davidson getting ready for classes on monday? why why the year i am gone are they so good? maybe i should go away next year too.