Friday, March 24, 2006


I apologize for the lull in postings, it has been a hard week around campus and I haven't been able to eek out any more articles. But here are some of my lingering thoughts as we head into the weekend:

-Writers, most especially myself, tend to be hypocritical. While I spent nearly all of last week ranting on the corrupting powers of the bracket, I found myself rooting for UCLA (bracket) last night when I really had all of my personal interests in Gonzaga: mid-major success story, unconventional player of the year candidate, new dog in town, etc. etc. While the game was exciting in the end, I really shouldn't have been laughing at Morrison's tears when UCLA took the line with 1.9 seconds remaining. Shame on me.

-With the omni-presence of the internet now (i know this kind of statement is so 1990's), it seems that people have time and space to talk about nearly everything revolving around sports. Some of the most read columns on revolve around sports fashion and commercial critiques. Sometimes I wonder whether people actually work anymore during the day. I know I don't.

-I don't like being a reporter sometimes. While the last two weeks have been characterized by this great news nation sweeping down upon little Davidson, I realized how much I hate bothering these players. Having done group interviews at various times over the season, I never saw such boredom with the same old questions as last week. I refused to even mention the word "father" for fear I would get beaten. I really would hate it if I had to do interviews as much as these guys do, and they have it relatively easily compared to JJ Redick. I officially don't like interviews (hypocrisy, again. I told you.)

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