Friday, March 03, 2006


The College of Charleston trails UT-Chattanooga by 10, 43-33 at halftime.
Dontaye Draper got three quick fouls in the first half and has not contributed much for the Cougars. Casey Long has 11 points for the Mocs as they have been able to capitalize on bad passes by the Cougars, turning turnovers into run-out points. The Cougars haven't been able to shoot outside at all and Draper's absence has left a hole in the Charleston offense. There have been a few questionable calls to get Coach Herrion upset, but the first half has simply been sloppy.
College of Charleston fans know this feeling and with Georgia Southern gone, they are missing out on a golden opportunity to capitalize on a weaker bracket. While Davidson fans may be happy to see the Cougars go, their continuing woes might spell disaster for Conference officials who are closely monitoring attendance in their decisions for the future of the tournament. While it is still the middle of the afternoon, attendance has been paltry at best and Davidson will certainly be outnumbered by the Cadets who will most likely be shipped over again.

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