Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bracket Madness

The madness has started. After UW-Milwaukee drew first blood, we all turned to the Pacific-BC game looking for upset number 2. As the crowd began to gather around the Union TV and Pacific mounted a comeback, a peculiar thing happened. People started cheering for Boston College. Now I know that there weren't many Massachusetts natives in the building so I asked around about why there was no love for the upset story.

"Are you kidding me? I have BC in the final four! Pacific is screwing my bracket!"

And so, just one day after we all dreamed about upsets and great comebacks, students at the school of the little man (Davidson) are pulling for the big dog to hold on. The Eagles were able to hit two free throws at the end of the first overtime and spoil the spoilers. Bracket-lovers breathed a sigh of relief. I sat there disgusted.

While we know how important the bracket pools have come for the casual watcher of the NCAA tournament, they shouldn't mar the 4th article of the U.S. Constitution: always pull for the underdog.

Brackets are fun. I have several and most of them have BC in the regional finals. While I sure am happy that I still have a chance to win the pool, I know who I am pulling for right now between Winthrop and Tennessee. I don't care if Tennessee is supposed to advance in my bracket.

Go Underdogs! Screw the brackets!

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