Saturday, March 04, 2006

Day 3 (12:48pm)

Chattanooga leads ASU 36-34 at halftime. ASU jitterbug D.J. Thompson leads the Mountaineers with 19 points, while Jerice Crouch has nine points for the Mocs. The Mocs will have some momentum going into the second-half as they eliminated a double-digit deficit capped off by a hanging three-pointer by Steve Cherry at the buzzer. As Davidson fans know, hitting three-point plays going into the half can do wonders for a team's confidence for the second half.
The Mocs will look to capitalize on the Mountaineers' fatigue as they have played one less game than ASU.
Sitting in the bleachers, Davidson fans should hope for a Mountaineer upset, but that will be harder than a two-point deficit would make it seem. ASU needs more scoring options than Thompson's slashes.

Looking ahead, Davidson should match up well with this Elon team that likes to play Davidson's game of fundamental, tough basketball. Unlike the Citadel, the Phoenix will be hard-pressed to get off to a quick start as it just doesn't fit their offensive style. Davidson should use that to their advantage and try to get more offensive looks inside at the beginning of the first half.

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