Saturday, March 04, 2006


Here are some random thoughts from Day 2 of the Southern Conference tournament.

-There needs to be more communication about the Women's bracket in the Coliseum. With games going on all afternoon, I never once saw a score announced or published.

-Davidson really travels better than I would have imagined. For a fan core that has been criticized for not coming out to several important home games, there was a significant Davidson contingent at the game. Out of the four remaining teams, Elon and Davidson have the best fan groups and Davidson should dominate the cheering tomorrow.

-While Charleston may certainly testify to its not being a home-court advantage, the tournament committee might have a hard time sizing up this tournament. Four incredible games in one day and there really was not enough excitement in the fan groups. Maybe the closer teams (Furman, Wofford, GSU) should stick around a little longer.

-On a scale of 1 to 10, today's overall officiating ranks near 3.6. With absolutely dangerous no-calls in the Citadel-Davidson game, the refs were allowing the game to get out of control and players were in serious danger. There were many questionable calls against the College of Charleston and even the ever ferocious Tom Herrion had a right to be angry. If the players are expected to play at a higher level, then the officiating should follow.

-All of the media members continue to be upset that internet access is restricted to the phone lines in the media room. I would have had a few more game updates if I hadn't had to leave the court to go write them.

-I was very impressed with the overall parking situation. All parking was free and cars got out of the lots and onto the Interstate pretty quickly. A for parking.

-While Davidson and Chattanooga rank as the remaining top dogs of SoCon basketball, the new media darling is the Elon Phoenix. However, at one point in the media room, a fellow writer was discussing whether "the Elon Phoenix's point guard..." was correct grammar. It was finally decided that "Elon's point guard" would have to suffice.

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