Friday, March 03, 2006


It's mayhem in Charleston. Down by 2 points, CofC's Dontaye Draper drove the baseline and hit an off-balance bank shot to tie the game with under 20 seconds. Chattanooga made its way up the court and the Moc guard drove into a Cougar player in the lane, with no charge or blocking foul called, the line drive shot banked off of the backrim and in, good for a two-point Moc lead. CofC's last second shot was ruled too late as the buzzer sounded and Cougar players and fans cried foul. While the shot was a split-second after the buzzer, it was certainly close enough for controversy. For the seventh straight year, the Cougs are denied the Southern Conference Championship and haven't advanced to the semis since 2003.
Draper, who was held scoreless in the first half, only scored 5 points on the game. The Mocs were led by high-flying Casey Long.
With Charleston and GSU bowing out, only 1 top seed has advanced in the tournament and that was 8th seeded App. St. who beat 9th seeded Wofford yesterday.


Anonymous said...

hey, will. nice job with this. thanks for taking us into the stadium with you. all i can say is that i'm happy that there's no such thing as an office pool for the socon tournament. unbelievable outcomes so far. have fun this weekend! i'll be frequenting your blog. go 'cats!
--peter wagner '92, maine

Johnston Gym said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this coverage. I wish I could be there - my son is there with friends. Thanks for giving the flavor of what's going on for those who couldn't make it.