Monday, February 19, 2007

Wildcats Escape Wofford 80-73

Davidson didn't look pretty in their eighth straight conference victory. The Wildcats missed numerous shots near the basket as they finished 29-70 from the field. Thomas Sander had a rough night finishing plays inside, as he scored only four baskets on 17 attempts.

Stephen Curry led Davidson with his eighth straight game with at least 23 points. The freshman now leads the conference in ppg average with 20.7. Curry went 10-20 from the field with 4 three-pointers and 4 free throws to finish with 28 points.

Although Wofford ended up shooting a better percentage from the field including 14-32 from three-point land, Davidson was able to hold off the onslaught by limiting Wofford's second-chance points and outrebounding the Terriers by a margin of 48-29. Jason Richards finished with six assists in his persistant slaughter of Davidson's assist records.

Despite the score, the Wildcats were able to control much of the game's tempo. The frontcourt had repeated good lucks at the basket, while the defense did not give up many easy looks. This game was much closer than the 19 point spread for the simple reason that Wofford hit some big shots and Davidson missed several.

In one sequence, the Wildcats missed 4 straight layups in the same possession before Thomas Sander was fouled. He missed both free throws but the Wildcats recovered the rebound and Will Archambault hit a two-pointer. That sequence epitomized the flow of the game: Wofford was not able to impose itself on Davidson's rebounders, but the Wildcats often seembed incapable of delivering the knockout blow.

Davidson will face a dangerous Furman team on Thursday in their final home game of the season. If the Wildcats win, they will secure the top seed in the conference tournament and another regular season conference championship.

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