Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Basketball reaching larger fanbase

by Wilson McCrory

This was supposed to be the year it all fell apart, right?
Coach McKillop & Co. have done an amazing job with Davidson basketball over the years, to the point that winning had become commonplace, but we all knew that the fall was coming.

After finally returning to the NCAA tournament and putting up a good showing against Ohio State last year, the loss of 77 percent of our scoring was going to set the program back a bit. We didn't know what mediocrity meant, but we were going to have to learn really fast.

Now, here we are in February, and I'm still trying to figure out quite what happened. Instead of regressing to mediocrity, the team has flourished and has returned to its rightful place atop the SoCon standings. Davidson has now registered its third straight 20-win season for the first time in 37 years.

More importantly, though, Davidson basketball might be on the verge of something far more special than another SoCon title or a chance to wear Cinderella's slipper this March.

Success for the program is nothing new, as Davidson has been a force in the mid-major ranks for the past few years. Despite the unwavering success, however, basketball always seemed to be an afterthought at this school.

The library was a far more popular destination than Belk on game night, and you would never hear students talking about the last-second win or the Boris Meno dunk unless they were walking back from the game. A crowded gym was one where most of the red seats were filled up by halftime, and the Pines residents were about the only consistent locals in attendance.

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