Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SoCon Coaches Awards

The Southern Conference Coaches have named their awards winners for the 2006-2007 season. The media will announce theirs tomorrow.

Player of the Year: Kyle Hines
Freshman of the Year: Stephen Curry
Coach of the Year: Bob McKillop

All SoCon Team:
Kyle Hines (UNCG)
D.J. Thompson (ASU)
Dontaye Draper (CofC)
Stephen Curry (Dav)
Nick Aldridge (WCU)
Jason Richards (Dav)
Donte Gennie (GSU)
Moussa Diagne (Fur)
LeVonn Jordan (Elon)
Robby Bostain (Fur)

SoCon Freshman Team:
Stephen Curry (Dav)
Nick Aldridge (WCU)
Jake Robinson (WCU)
Junior Salters (Wof)
Ben Stwall (UNCG)

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Ellen said...

Congrats to the Wildcats on Freshman and Coach of the Year!