Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wildcat Record Book

Stephen Curry-Most points freshman year (621)
-Most three-pointers made in one game (9, vs. Colby)
-Most three-pointers made in one season (104, six away from the NCAA record)

Jason Richards
-Most assists in one game (19, vs. Mt. Saint Mary)
-Most assists in one season (224)

The Team-Three-pointers made in one season (289)
-Three-pointers made in one game (19, vs. Colby)
-SoCon attendance at Belk Arena (5,580 vs. ASU)

-Stephen Curry ranks second among freshman in the NCAA with 20.7 ppg
-Stephen Curry ranks ninth in the NCAA for three-pointers per game average (3.5)
-Jason Richards ranks second in the NCAA with 7.5 apg
-Davidson ranks sixth in the nation rebounding margin (8.1)
-The Wildcats rank seventh nationally in scoring offense average (81.8)
-Davidson ranks fifth in the nation for their winning percentage of 86.7%
-The Wildcats rank 1st in the conference for average home attendance (3,721)

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