Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A conversation with Bob McKillop

Will Bryan: Davidson was picked to finish fourth in the media’s preseason poll and many fans wrote this team off after losing seven seniors. They have all been very surprised by this year’s success. Has anything surprised you about this season?
Bob McKillop: I believe that the consistency of our players’ getting better as the season has progressed has been a pleasant surprise. Usually there are bumps in the road. Usually there are days where fatigue sets in, or where a lack of focus presents itself. But these guys have been consistent in their approach to practice and in their desire to get better. We have seen the results, and that’s why we have had that success on the court.

WB: Talk about the emergence of this year’s sophomore and freshmen classes as being major contributors to this team’s success.
BM: I think you have to look at the emergence of all three classes contributing significant playing minutes. You look at Jason Richards ’08 who averaged only 10 minutes a game last year. Thomas Sander ’08 was a starter, but clearly the fifth option in the rotation, while Boris Meno ’08 came off the bench. Those guys have not only emerged as major players but great leaders. The sophomore class has been an energizer. Andrew Lovedale ’09 and Max Paulhus Gosselin ’09 have played their roles well, which allows the freshmen to fall right into place. Bryant Barr ’10 and William Archambault ’10 come off the bench and give us microwave offense; they can heat it up real quick. Of course, Stephen Curry ’10 has been as good as any player that we’ve had at Davidson.

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