Friday, May 20, 2005


Yo ... i finally gave in to the blogging craze...mostly just to have something to do and keep writing about sports. So mostly this will be composed of sports junk but there will be some personal touches every once in a while so everyone check it out every once and a while.

Before I go any further, I would like to say how pumped I am that I got a job today working at a bakery. I have no experience but apparently going to Davidson counts for something around here. Hehe...I'll be up in the wee hours of the morning kneading bread now...oh college summers. On wednesday I partook in the greatest event of my youth by witnessing the greatest band in the world: U2. Holy cow...I was in the upper deck at the Meadowlands and felt like I was right next to Bono and the Edge and the crew...this tour is amazing, I would completely recommend getting some tickets for the fall leg from ebay (it's sold out).

So tonight begins one of the funnest parts of early season baseball...rivalry interleague play. Mets-Yanks, Braves-Red Sox, ChiSox-Cubs, Dodgers-Angels, Giants-A' doesnt get any better than that. I'm in a baseball fantasy league and up until now I never realized how devastating injuries are on a daily basis. Normally my baseball experience has been to check standings at the break and in September and then hope that the Braves could actually win in the doesnt happen often. But this whole daily following thing has me really focused on pitcher rotation, minor injuries and the like...something that the layman fan doesnt care about. I just picked up Adam LaRoche off of waivers and I'm hoping that he will continue to be hot...I've been really unlucky with my moves...dropping Andruw Jones and Adam Dunn while picking up Coco Crisp (DL), Rodrigo Lopez (5.3 ERA)...i don't know...i guess in baseball it all evens out in the end so i just need to be more patient...we shall see.
Alright that's all for to work bright and early in the morning.


Julia said...

Congrats on the bakery gig! What time do you actually have to be there?

wibryan said...

7:00 am...went today...and ended up being a delivery guy...bringing kaiser rolls to every restaurant in charleston