Thursday, May 26, 2005

fulfilled my desire

Whew...long day at work today....7.5 hours of doing dough...delivering...working the machines...whatever it was...that stuff is so repetitive and i've only been on the job 4 The fun part of the day was when I got off work, I decided that I wanted to relax out in the Charleston sun and the best place to do that was at a baseball game...of course the SoCon tourney is going on so i just drove over hoping i would get lucky with a good game..i walked in on Furman v. Elon. after 2.5 innings i started dozing off and realized i had better head home. thankfully i think that I am now just a tad darker and not as glaringly white. I am going sailing tomorrow with uncle phil so that should be fun...check back for updates


Julia said...

Are you guys going to race or just warm up your sailing chops? Wish I was there to go sailing too!

E said...

howd the sailing go? today we were out all afternoon and had the perfect balance - lots of sun, just enough wind - played around a bit with our spinaker and raced against other boats informally