Monday, May 23, 2005

Interesting day

I came back from Columbia last night late...having not heard from my employer who was supposed to call me on Sunday to tell me today's work schedule. So I anxiously slept in til 10, thinking that there's no reason for me to go in early if he didn't call but realizing that it is only my second day and I don't wanna make a bad impression. So I sat around the house all morning anxiously awaiting the afternoon when I would go down to the bakery. It felt like the wait before two-a-days all over again. Except of course when I went in, Mike was like "yo wassup willy," as he walks around on his cell absent-mindedly for 10 minutes before telling me that he doesn't need me today. Wow...
The Braves won tonight in a bizarre game against the Mets. Both teams were struggling and it was a stumble to the finish as the Mets almost tied the game in the 8th when they had the bases loaded with 1 out. A ground ball to second and the double play was on, but after the throw got away from Franco at first base, we all grimace as the tying run comes in. But suddenly, the angelic voice of Skip Caray interjects that there is a tussle at second base as apparently the umpire has called interference on David Wright for sliding outside the base path and nearly running over Rafael Furcal. The replay reinforced the ump's call, much to the chagrin of Wright who, in tossing his helmet, nearly pegged the third base ump. Wow...when things couldn't get any crazier, we moved to the top of the ninth, where, after giving up a solo homer, Dan Kolb has recorded two strikeouts and has almost saved the game. Until high fly ball to left center changes things again. Andruw Jones had a bead on the ball and was trying to call off LF Brian Jordan, but Jordan couldn't hear him because the crowd was so loud in anticipation of the game's final out. So as Jones is about to catch the ball, he flinches at Jordan's immediacy and skirts a collision, allowing the ball to roll to the fence. Jordan tumbles over onto his glove hand and after regaining his perspective has to rifle the ball back into the infield to save an inside-the-park HR. After a walk, Kolb faces the go-ahead run in Mike Cameron who has already hit a HR in the game and has not been put out all night. Well Kolb strikes Cameron out in five pitches and gives Atlanta a much needed victory to keep pace with Florida. Whew

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