Sunday, May 29, 2005

long weekend

So I ended up not sailing on Friday b/c it was too windy and the boat captain didn't want anything bad to happen on a practice round...they sailed on saturday and i have yet to hear of any results. I went in to work today to make it a full week without a day off. Thankfully, I negotiated Memorial Day so I can recuperate. Whew...Furman went on to win the SoCon tournament which is amazing b/c they were the last placed seed...oh conference tournaments. I got some new Bball shoes yesterday so hopefully I can work on my game before camp comes up. Gotst to step it up


Julia said...

Sounds like you're getting a workout with the new job. Are you mostly kneading, delivering, or doing everything? And still working those early hours. Is it sort of nice to be awake so early?

wibryan said...

Well yeah I'm feeling good about working hard, that's for sure. I still don't like getting up, but when noon comes and you've already worked six hours, that is an interesting feeling.