Friday, May 20, 2005

Good night of baseball

Good night for my fantasy team, although my Braves lost again, this time to the Sox. Their bats have really just been silenced for this road trip as they can't win against anyone. Hudson probably should have given up more than just 4 runs with all of those bases-loaded jams that he got out of.
Vernon Wells helped me out as he hit 2 HRs and Kevin Rogers gave up his first earned runs in 30 innings but 3 isn't that bad and he gets a win. Posada and Sheffield were pretty silent tonight but they are still playing in late innings right now. Baseball seems to be hitting that late-May bilge. Whatever happened to the streaking Dodgers? and the Orioles aren't that untouchable anymore either. The Yanks are pulling back in it and everyone seems to be winning a game/losing a game. I guess that's why people say baseball is so boring. I guess that it is in a way, but I think that we need that. I am looking forward to spending a few days at the local ballpark, "The Joe" to watch the SoCon baseball tournament. Davidson should have a five seed and they have a realistic chance of beating anyone but the 20th ranked College of Charleston...maybe we can turn this tournament thing into a plus where the regular season really doesn't matter...hehe. But as I was saying, I think that more people need to take some time off to go to the ballpark or turn on the game and just let the pitches and swings kind of lull you out of your ridiculously stressful lives. Wake up in the 6th to see who's winning and who's scored what then let the repeated outs lull you back again. Cheer for the stolen bases and the home runs, the great catches and the strikeouts. Stand up when the coach takes out the starter after 6 good innings of a cotton candy and watch the little kids run after the foul balls. That's what summer is about and what many of us really need. We are way too serious about everything. If only they had good baseball in Italy...I could get the best of both worlds.


Page said...

Willy B...I am so glad you gave in to the blog craze that I have been so addicted to for soooo long. You have to tell me about the concert...I want to know everything! ~Page

wibryan said...

Well they started with City of Blinding Lights with all of the light beads behind the band lighting up...really amazing...then they went into Vertigo with red lights circling around the arena...they ended up playing 21 songs which was favorite part was when he pulled three guys on the stage and got them to perform "I still haven't found" really cool because the audience was really into it and really carrying them...I couldn't really see the band up close but there were two really cool things about being in the upper really had a good feel for the lighting techniques, and you could hear the crowd so vividly...everyone knew every word and just belted it out...Bono played a trick once and paused right before a big chorus and everyone sung it...he started laughing...overall it was spectacular and I can't wait til Charlotte...U2 really is the greatest band ever.