Saturday, May 21, 2005


Wow...didn't realize how out of shape I was. This morning I showed up at 7 and went riding to deliver bread. After my first trip my manager decides to send me out on my own. I don't know where half of the restaurants are or what any of the bread is called. But thankfully I did alright, except for this lone bag that was mistakenly put in my van...I thought I had screwed up and not delivered it, but it said Jerry's so I was really confused. 6 hours later, I clocked out after my first day on a real job, having done three delivery runs.
In other news, the swings of baseball are beginning to return to my favor as I had a good day from my pitchers: Sabathia and well as good hitting nights from Hank Blalock and Everett. Hopefully I will finally move up in some points.
The Braves also won tonight with some good pitching by the youngster Davies, and some quality OBP by Furcal and Giles who had been having so much trouble. Boston seemed to be having some trouble with the rain as they had a good many errors and the Braves were able to get enough small ball that even their bullpen couldnt blow the lead...although they tried.
The only bad part of my day was that Davidson lost to Furman again and their spot in the SoCon tourney might be in jeopardy. I will have to go check on the standings. They better at least make the eight seed or else I wont have any good reason to get out of work this week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Will,
So happy to be able to keep up with what you're up to (ok, so my interest in baseball is minimal - sailing and hiking is also tremendously relaxing!)
Talk soon!

wibryan said...

Hehe yeah you're right...but at least Uncle Marvin partly agrees with me!

E said...

Am sure UM agrees - but is that a good benchmark ;)

in any case, funny how these grow on one - have already checked out the page for an update