Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Take your pick

Thanks to the 24-hour sports media with writers, former players and fans getting their views propagated through newspapers, satellite and cable uplinks, we have been given a multitude of opinions that we are supposed to choose from this morning. Pick which one bests suits you:

-August 7, 2007 marks the culmination of the six greatest years of Major League Baseball. With nearly all of the important hitting records being broken, we can safely say that we have witnessed extraordinary history.

-August 7, 2007 markes the culmination of the steroids era of Major League Baseball. While numbers might be written down, we all know that they don't mean anything. We should train our hearts and minds to the pre-steroids era and continue to admire those players as the heroes of our national past-time.

-Barry Bonds should not be made a villain while all of the other cheaters get off scotch-free. He just happened to be the most talented of the cheaters and thus got the most scrutiny.

-Barry Bonds is innocent of steroid use because he has not been convicted in a court of law.

-In this day and age, there have been allegations about steroids attached to both Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong. If only Bonds would have used his successes to benefit the wider community like Lance did, people would have been much quicker to show him forgiveness or less scrutiny as it were.

-Barry Bonds, like all of us, is complex. He probably took steroids. But he has always been an incredible baseball player and no other player on steroids has accomplished what he did. Bonds seems to be really selfish and prideful. But his outpouring of respect for Hank Aaron and godfather Mays and his family and fans of SF on the night of 756 surprised most observers.

-There is nothing complex or ambiguous about any of this. Barry Bonds cheated and stole from all of us. The people of San Francisco should be ashamed of cheering for him. Within five years, the legal process will show Bonds for what he is and his records should be removed.

-In the same way that Michael Vick has been convicted in the court of public opinion, this one is all about race.

-I don't care anymore. Somehow this doesn't seem the same as it did back in 1974. But I can live with that. If someone asks, I don't have an opinion about what happened...but I will keep watching baseball and watching sports, and we will see what happens next.

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