Friday, August 31, 2007

New athletic website

The Davidson athletic department debuted the new Davidson athletic site today. Following the example of so many of their peers in college athletics around the country, Davidson moved the athletics web page to a separate domain outside of the college website.

With a flashy new banner featuring images of Stephen Curry, Michelle Fanney and Beaux Jones, the site is certainly a visual upgrade from our sports sites of the past. The left side of the page features an easily navigable tool bar with links to all of Davidson's 19 varsity teams.

Each individual team page has a rolling grouping of three stories that flash on the screen in the style of ESPN's leading sports webpage:

The new calendar feature on the right also makes keeping track of each team's schedule much easier than in the past.

In addition to the obvious new look of the site, it will serve as host to many of Davidson's new technological advances including live streaming video of many of the Wildcats' home games and video of coach and player interviews.

In addition to greater usability for fans and students, the site will be more streamlined on the administrative end, allowing members of the athletic department to upload and modify information more quickly than in the past.

You can find a press release written by Davidson's new Sports Information Director, Marc Gignac, here.

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