Monday, December 11, 2006

Week in Review

Well here was my week; I'll let you review it.

-The Southern Sports Awards invaded Davidson for two days. Last minute columns were written, interviews were held, and beers were drunk by Chipper Jones. When it was all over, I got a couple of cool pictures and the 2nd Annual SSA's officially became the last ever SSA's. See post.

-Every once in a while, I tune into the NBA just to see what is going on. I've never really followed the league but I appreciate basketball. I was shocked to find that the team I loved growing up, the Orlando Magic, had the best record in the Eastern Conference. That was quite shocking. I'm going to make an attempt to follow this team a little bit this season, especially with the story of Grant Hill and his remarkably frustrating career. He has an incredible heart. If only he hadn't gone to Duke.
In other NBA news, AI is leaving Philly. I remember when he was really spectacular back in those NBA Finals a while ago. Wow, I am getting really old.

-I finished tied in the Davidsonian Pick'ems competition with my section co-editor. We were square going into this week and only picked two different games. I had a huge win on Vince Young's OT scramble, while she picked up the tying point as New Orleans clobbered Dallas in Irving. I really haven't gotten any satisfaction from this year's NFL season. My fantasy team finished 10th (although I would have been fifth place if it ranked on cumulative points). The Panthers wasted the league's best wide receiver and defensive end on a team that can't score three TD's a game or hold down Jason Campbell or Jeff Garcia. Pathetic. For the rest of this season, I'm gonna pull for the Saints, if only because of that U2 song.

-Davidson laid the smack-down on Charlotte in both men's and women's basketball. Both teams are really pumped and everything seems to be going right. Every year that the Carolina Panthers have a chance to make the playoffs, but have the Saints spoil it on the last game of the season and finish 7-9, the Davidson Wildcats will go undefeated in the conference. Just throwing it out there. Let's hope that doesn't also mean losing to the Spartans in the second round of the SoCon tournament.

-I had a conversation with a friend about how Sylvester Stallone could possibly survive the filming of Rocky VI. We then had a very public demonstration of what it was to punch in slow motion, and then speed it up. It's movie magic!

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