Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Inside some numbers

The Davidson Wildcats have only lost 1 conference home game in regulation to a current SoCon member since February of 2002.

Although it doesn't seem to have any technical advantages as far as crowd placement, Davidson has placed very well on their home court throughout the course of their history. When you put a good team with a relatively supportive fanbase you get a pretty strong result. Although, in some ways, it does surprise me a little that Belk would be such a homecourt advantage. I guess other teams just don't travel here as well.

Through 10 games this season, the Wildcats have hit 98 team three-pointers. Last year’s team, who had the top 2 three-point shooters in Davidson history, did not surpass that mark until January of that season.

This year has marked a few more license distributing as Coach has really let some young guys take shots from the outside. Notice that I didn't include our 3 point shooting percentage in this stat.

In all-time records, Davidson is only 2-15 playing at Chattanooga, and 13-30 all time, while they are 4-1 at Kresse Arena and 41-9 all-time. And yet, since the College’s inception into the Southern Conference, both Chattanooga and the College have only won one Tournament championship since the late 90’s.

The College of Charleston has sported some very competitive teams in the last decade and yet Davidson has always seemed to have their number. Compare that to Chattanooga and you really have a reversal of fortunes. The Wildcats don't travel very well to the roundhouse, where basket perspectives are off and visiting fans are placed in the rafters. Let's hope we can change that misfortune on the 18th.

Despite their recent program success, Davidson has beaten Duke nearly as many times as they have beaten Clemson (17, 18).

OK, so I'm just trying to say that Clemson hasn't always been "mediocre" at basketball. And Duke used to be pretty bad.

Although Davidson is only averaging 2 points more per game this season than last season, they have 5 players averaging in double figures, compared to only three last year.

It's no surprise that the Wildcats are opening up the offense this season with all kinds of players shooting outside shots, getting transition points, and finding openings in the lane. This isn't the shutdown Brendan/Ian show anymore. Every player has to be guarded on the perimeter. Nearly all of our bigs can take a one-on-one to the basket. And Stephen is drawing double teams off the dribble. Don't ask me how I'd defend this bunch.

This season the Wildcats have averaged only 34.4 points in the first half, compared to an impressive 44.8 points in the second half. They have outrebounded their opponents by an average of 9 boards a game, including an average of 5 more offensive boards per game.

I'm not quite sure why, but this team has had some incredible second-half surges this season. Although we have had some depth problems at times, Coach is not scared to go to his bench for quality minutes. This whole team is getting some great experience right now, and they are all quick enough to keep up with a high-pace gameplan for 40 minutes.

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