Monday, December 18, 2006

Davidson 92 Chattanooga 80

The Wildcats have started the game strong. Chattanooga's pressing D had the offense a little on their heels for a bit, but some big blocks by Boris on the defensive end have led to some run-out baskets.

Sander just picked up his second foul. Gosselin hit his second 3.

There doesn't seem to be much of a crowd there tonight. That will help us some.


Max now has 16 points for us. Hogewood is baffled. We aren't getting as many post looks as I would like. The Mocs are doubling down on every entry pass and our last few possessions has seen us give up on the post. The Mocs are hitting some outside shots to keep this one close. This is going to be a good one.


With 7 minutes to play, Chattanooga has cut the lead to four after retaking it. They pulled back off of some key open looks on offense created by simple screens. Davidson just switched to a 3-2 zone with Boris, Steve and Stephen at the top. Mays can really shoot from the outside, and the Mocs have hit some big free throws. Curry now has a quiet 10 on a couple threes and some putbacks. Davidson is really missing Sander right now. His two fouls have kept us from establishing any type of post offense.


With under 4 minutes to play in the first half, this is a pretty ugly game. Neither team is doing much on offense. Curry is now 3-8 from the field, and Boris seems to have no offensive touch whatsoever. Archambault also had a quiet few minutes. Davidson needs to start creating some easy baskets out of transition or offensive rebounds. The halfcourt isn't working right now.


Keddric Mays leads all Mocs' scorers with 16 points, including 5 three-pointers. Compared to their paltry numbers, coming into this game Chattanooga has been shooting very well from the line.

For Davidson, I think that problems begin and end with Thomas Sander. He hasn't been in for so long. Certainly the 16 points from Max and 12 from Curry help out, but the Wildcats are jacking threes like nobody's business, and their percentages are not too good. Boris missed two front ends of 1-in-1's and Andrew's been caught out of position a few times.

I think that Coach might go back to the zone a little bit in the second half and force Chattanooga to get open without screening. Davidson has not switched on defense well at all, and they need to force the Mocs to make a few more difficult passes. Hopefully the Chattanooga bigs will cool off from the line and Davidson will get a few more easy looks. They need to let the offense come to them.


Sander is back. In the last several possessions, he has assisted on two three-pointers and scored one of his own. After coming out with a third foul and a turnover, McKillop pulled him over on the sideline, told him to "catch and see," and put him back in. The offense is motoring again. With Sander anchoring it, Curry gets better looks and so does Meno. Doaks has three fouls for Chattanooga.


Just walked back to the TV to watch Sander pick up his 4th foul and Meno pick up his third. Damn.


The bad news: Boris and Thomas are on the bench with four fouls. The good news: Stephen Curry is heating up. The Wildcats have slowed them down with a 1-3-1 zone and some strong play from Max, Andrew, J-Rich, Stephen and Steve have built a 10 point lead. This is the last update until the end of the game.


Game Over: Big victory for the Wildcats. They held on well in the last part of the second half after Sander fouled out. Max had a career day and Stephen continued to hit outside shots like nobody's business. Look for a new entry later on when the stats are published.

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Really enjoyed your comments. Ran from the TV to the computer several times. Thanks for the effort - great win!