Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Life on a Wednesday

Back into the work world again, but here are some quick thoughts and news releases:

Director of Basketball Operations Mike Craft has taken a job as head coach at Ardry Kell High School in the Charlotte area. This was Coach Craft’s only year with Davidson after he came over from the Western Carolina coaching staff last year.

When commuting from Davidson to Charlotte, take Hwy. 115 to exit 23 then I-77 from there on. 77 is ridiculous north of 23 and it is worthless to sit in a bottleneck for 45 minutes to only go 7 miles. Although 115 has three lights, they can pretty navigable depending on your luck. It took me 70 minutes on day 1, 35 minutes yesterday and 40 minutes today. 115 makes a difference.

Make sure to stay abreast of the Davidson website as a new Wildcat Report will be up in a few weeks. With great new content and layout, this should be one of the best editions this year.

No matter how hard I try, I can never get the best stats out of Jorge Posada/Brian McCann. I have both catchers on my fantasy team, but am only able to start one at a time. It never fails that the starter has a bad night while the benched one hits game-winning home runs. I have tried to beat the odds by thinking to start one then switching it, but I can’t beat the sports gods who are out to cut me down.

Home life is good, especially when your roommate likes to host parties with people who bring food. Kristen (my female roommate) has been a pleasant surprise for me. She gets along well with everyone and is completely willing to cook and help clean the house. Last night, several baseball players came over and brought some dishes for a large chicken parm/pasta dinner. It was delicious and much better than my low-level concoctions of fruit, vegetable, meat, juice. I also got to talk baseball with several of the team’s leaders. It was quite an experience, especially after I found that several of the guys read the Wildcat Report as posted online (see the link on the right). That’s pretty sweet.

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