Friday, May 05, 2006


Unfortunately for my blogging life, the last two weeks have been very rough. With several big history papers that were due this week, I have been absolutely swamped with projects, tests, papers and little favors for random athletic departments.

But I only have two more exams left and then I should be able to back in the blogging mindset.

Here's the latest news to keep you all up-to-date:

-The Davidson Basketball End-of-Year banquet was awesome. There were plenty of tears to go around and the highlight video played to rave reviews. It's certainly a keeper.

-The NBA playoffs have me feeling horribly ashamed for my years of bashing about how there is no parity in the league and how the players don't really care and the games are never interesting. This is like the years of the Celtics-Lakes,'s all back. Go NBA! I can't wait for game 7 with the Lakers and Suns.

-I have found gainful employment for this summer working in Charlotte, NC. It will be exciting to actually rent an apartment on my own and spend an entire summer in a new community (Davidson school is nothing like Davidson summer). I am hoping to pass a sailing test so I can go sailing on Lake Norman. Anyone with any suggestions for summer fun in the Charlotte area, feel free to contact me.

-Just so you know, my fantasy baseball team is tearing it up. I'm currently ranked second in my league behind the strong bats of V. Wells, V. Guerrero, and M. Cabrera.

-My pleasure reading this summer plans to include the Da Vinci Code (before I see the movie), blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and who knows, I might finally see what this whole Harry Potter nonsense is about (nah, I doubt it).

-Planning for those long rainy afternoon/evenings I've bought Civilization IV for my computer and The Show: MLB '06 for PS2. I'm also interested in the new college football game coming out in July. Apparently in the legacy mode, you have the option of playing with academic eligibility. Twice a season, you have to take tests for your players and if you do bad, they get kicked off the team. Holy cow that's sweet! Interactivity has been taken to a whole new level.

-That's it for now. Hit me up this summer if you are in the area. And look for weekly MLB reports and preseason reviews for all my favorite sports and teams for next season.

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