Thursday, May 25, 2006


How can so many people be so obsessed with such a boring sport. At least in football and basketball, excitement comes from making fantastic bodily moves instead of nearly killing oneself by driving a 300 MPH car into a wall.

From where did this ardent hatred suddenly arise? Well the Coca-Cola 600 all of a sudden just plopped into my backyard. In recognition that the home of NASCAR resides in Mooresville (Race City USA), Charlotte hosts a two-day event downtown called "Speed Street." The all-day carnival takes up several blocks of downtown Charlotte. With vendors, racing things and whatever else that "NASCAR dads" enjoy, the entire banking center of the southeast has been shut down from entry. Since Charlotte has no mass transportation system to speak of, everyone in all of those skyscrapers have to drive into their parking lots. But those streets are closed. It is absolutely ridiculous. I don't think that NASCAR is worth all of this. It feels like the Super Bowl.

Anyway, just thought I would vent a little.

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