Thursday, February 23, 2006


Welcome all you newcomers to this blog. I will try to provide you with the best in-depth analysis of the Conference Tournament and other postseason options that I can. For those interested in tournament seeding let me map out our options going into this Saturday's game against the College of Charleston.


-We play either Furman (if they win on Sat.) or the winner of WCU/UTC (if Furman loses on Sat.)
-This game would be around 3ish on Friday afternoon next week.

And Elon/GSU wins: We get third place and play Friday evening against a Thursday winner.
And Elon wins/GSU loses: We get second place and play early evening against a Thursday winner.
And Elon loses/GSU loses: We are tied for first place and will get the number 1 seed because we hold the tie-breaker with the Eagles (as of now). If this happens, we are guaranteed a berth in the NIT, no matter what happens in the tournament.

If we lose any game in the tournament, then it is over for us. We would have to win three games in a row (Friday, Sat afternon, and Sunday afternoon) to win the Championship which will be televised on ESPN2.

We are looking strong heading into this Saturday's game with only 1 home conference loss in our last 24 tries. If you are near a TV it will be shown on ESPN2 at noon. If you are still in Davidson, please make an effort to come out, as it is Senior Day for 7 special guys.

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