Friday, February 03, 2006

New Links

As you might have noticed, I added several new links to my links section on the right of the page. While most of them center around Davidson basketball, I hope to be able to expand them in the future.

I have a weekly radio show through the Davidson College Student Station. It is podcasted each week, and covers my thoughts about the week in Sports, including highlights and interviews with Davidson basketball players and coaches.

The Davidson Message Board is merely that, a formidable forum where Wildcat wackos gather to sensibly share their rugged rhetoric. (hmmm).

The Wildcat Report is the bimonthly newsletter of Davidson basketball that just happens to be edited by yours truly. The new January issue is now up.

The basketball blogs are by a '94 Davidson grad and an '02 grad who happen to like basketball a lot. Will Roberson (02) was the Director of Basketball Operations at Davidson for several years and now coaches high school basketball in Georgia.

Finally, my sister's blog who lives in Prague is a fun assortment of multimedia immersion and the thoughts of an ex-pat young, professional mother.

There will be more links a-coming.

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