Thursday, January 12, 2006

This week pt. 1

In the style of several of Bill Simmons' (The Sports Guy) internet articles, I have decided to take to a journal style for this one of my first week back.


Three classes in the morning, all of which explained to me how much my ability to attend would reflect in my final grade. This ranged from 20% down to 6.5%. I guess some teachers don't really care. After a brief lunch in Commons revitalized me, I headed over to the Union to again try to buy books. No luck as the line went out the door for the third straight day. Students at UNC will scoff that I complain about 40 students trying to get their books at the same time. But our bookstore is small, I promise. A brief afternoon of putting up Chaplaincy posters (there's always a race to refill the blank boards) left me watching the end of basketball practice. Nearly on cue, all of the coaches came over to ask about my break and ask for a favor. Good to see you too.


Went to my final new class where I learned that history writing is all about perspective and that everyone has one. In that case we should all make A's right? Or something. Joel's for lunch at Bread for the Journey made me feel young again as the Juniors flocked to the scene to tell of stories of being abroad. Ambiguity ensues as the newly returned reintroduce themselves to people they knew in the spring but have conveniently forgotten. I, on the other hand, am distracted. It's game day after all and I was trying not to get shrimp sauce on my white mesh Davidson Basketball shirt. After a little more homework, I went over to Jenn's to watch the end of a movie where Kevin Kline is a gay teacher and Matt Dillon comes back to his high school to present him with his Academy Award. The town all admits to be gay in an act of solidarity and the movie ends with the renewal of Kline's parents' wedding vows. On to basketball. The Citadel came to town and all of a sudden the years of loyalty and dedication were reflected in the new light that I was supporting the team that would beat them by 36. I wonder if I would have gone to Bob McKillop basketball camp whether I would have made the 6th and 7th grade basketball teams. Hmm, things could have been very different.


Notes from classes:
-Vietnam is tropical. South Vietnamese are like southerners, destined to lose.
-We can't experience or rationalize God. Faith has become its own justification. Atheism ROCKS!
-America is always about freedom of opportunity to believe that we can have success. And Blogs!

Rest of the week to follow soon!

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