Saturday, January 07, 2006


There's not too much to say that is eloquent or insightful, which itself might be insightful. Life is the here and the now. It concerns writing about basketball, watching basketball and playing video games. If I need to get a grip on reality then so be it. But I think that I'll wait until tomorrow. Here's what my cognitive impulses have sensed in the last 24 hours.

-There really are more people on campus than I expected. I dined with my old hall counselor last night and then found that one of my good friends who has been abroad for a semester is living below me. The abroad thing is so weird. You create a new lifestyle compensating for the absence of all these people and then, one trip to Europe later, they're all back and ready pick up where they left off. At 11 pm last night I talked to a friend who said that they wouldn't trade their experience in France for anything: studying abroad is crucial. 30 minutes later I talked to a friend who stayed who said that they wouldn't have traded this Davidson time for anything: being here is crucial. So much for cut and dry.

-Girls are weird.

-Matt McKillop is 8 threes from being second on the All-Time 3-pointers list for Davidson players. He won't catch the leader because Brendan Winters makes more threes than Matt now anyway. Basketball is so fun and weird. You never really know what's going to happen on a court. In football, you can tell that a 350 lber will run over a 150. But in basketball, the hot go cold and the effort can't always be predicted. I say this because as I've followed Davidson basketball so closely this semester, the prognosticastors always seemed to know what was next. After our interior was exposed at Duke, everyone thought that UMass, St. Joe's and Mizzou would tear us apart on the interior. After we start 4-2 with huge wins in the A-10 and Big 12, everyone thinks we get a bye to the tourney and a franchise season. Three humiliating losses later, we're 7-5 but we're going to sweep the conference. I don't really know what will happen tonight. Matt may not make 8 more threes this season, or he might do it by Tuesday.

-There is a Gatorade commercial out right now that is seemingly ironic. Its message is: the small isn't supposed to play big, curses aren't supposed to be broken, etc. So that's why we play the game. Gatorade says hey, in the end, all the money, all the talk and all the hype don't matter until we play the game. Sport is sport without the money, but not entirely because you still need to buy our drink.

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