Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Davidson on cover of USA Today

Photo by Chris Keane

The Davidson men's basketball team received yet another piece of national affirmation today as USAToday ran a cover story on the Wildcats. Entitled, "Hoops, Books Coexist," the story highlighted the success potential for the 2007-2008 season while also playing up the unique place that Davidson has in the world of major college basketball.

As a liberal arts college with under 1,700 undergraduate students, Davidson is one of the smallest all Division-I schools in the country. Every fall, prospective students decide between applying to Davidson, Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore and Princeton, and every winter Top 25 basketball programs like North Carolina and Duke fear tripping up against the always underrated Wildcats.

It is also worth noting that the subject of the main picture was the entire Davidson team. They could have easily gotten away with a combination of Curry, McKillop, Richards, Sander...but they wanted the whole team in the picture. That says something about how the Wildcats are approaching this season.

Davidson has always been an odd school, with an honor code, complimentary laundry, both a very Northern and Southern feel at the same time...but for so long, Davidson has also been that school that you've only vaguely heard of. With this USAToday article and a nationally syndicated AP article planned for next week, that storyline might need a little revising.

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