Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Cup Final

The World Cup that supposedly changed everything is finally over. For the last month, Bono has come on commercials and previews and told us how much this mattered. On Sunday, over a billion people simultaneously watched the World Cup final. That is more viewers than any event in the history of the world. An excellent game that was marred by an outburst of anger by Zidane, the World Cup final crowned Italy in PK's and brought soccer to the US for good. With U2 ringing them in, the United States has finally joined the rest of the world. We needed it to be flashy, and we needed it to be self-important like everything that is American. And in many ways the World Cup was all that, and in many ways it wasn't. Somehow it was simply two lines of men that walked onto a field with shirt, shorts, cleats and one ball. We didn't need ESPN to have high-tech graphics to make these warriors into pseudo-men. Highlights of their bending shots and incredible moves did that for the editors. They didn't need for the stadium to blow up in smoke before the game, everyone knew how important it was. I just wish we didn't have to wait four more years.

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WB said...

Four years is not enough time to wait. I hate that sports. It sucks. Can the make it 10 years? How about 20? How about copletely doing away with soccer? How can the freaking world cup championship be decided on penalty kicks? That's like playing basketball for a full game, then deciding the game with a free throw shooting contest. Enough of that awful sport. The Braves a sucking this year, so bring on football season!!!