Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Charleston should be ashamed

Unfortunately, the Post and Courier is making people purchase this story on the internet. It was on the front page of Saturday's Charleston paper. For those of you who can't tell by the preview, the article essentially takes every rip on Rock Hill and sardonically ask why anyone wouldn't want to come to Charleston. The Post and Courier did well to hide this behind a subscription price.

Very simply, because that city (where I grew up) is full of entitlement. They believe that they deserve the best arts, best food, and best basketball. Ever since they came to the SoCon, the Cougars have believed that they are the cream of the conference. The last several years were just a bump in the road. They believe that anyone and everyone would want to come coach there, because of their excellent basketball tradition.
I think that winy article two days after Marshall's snub is completely representative of the shamefulness of the College of Charleston. They need to wake up and realize that they need new facilities. They need a new President. They should have asked John Kresse who he wanted four years ago. They need to recruit disciplined athletes and not dunkers. And they need to stop publishing front-page articles that write off the rest of the state. I would take Winthrop over the College of Charleston any day. At least on the basketball court.
I just spent the last week at basketball camp at Davidson. When one asks why coaches don't take high-profile jobs at Seton Hall and CofC, all you need to do is watch Bob McKillop at basketball camp. I think that his experience is very comprable to Marshall's down the road. In the end, if you don't have a supportive community around you, you set yourself up to fail. Charleston might be posh, but it can be lonely if you aren't winning.
I think that it's going to take another several years of misery under Bobby Cremins before the College of Charleston goes and fixes the problems that have chased away the good coaches. Heck, John Kresse wouldn't want to coach at CofC now. And until there is an active investment in that program to support smart players, good facilities, and community interaction, there will never be another John Kresse. Or Gregg Marshall. Or Bob McKillop. They are staying put.

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