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Davidson Basketball Seniors 2008

The following was printed in the Davidson-ASU game program from Wednesday, February 27.

In order to let Davidson fans get to know seniors Thomas Sander, Boris Meno and Jason Richards a little better, we thought it would be best if we sat the winningest class in school history down together and let them interview each other. We gave them a little help with questions, and it took off from there. Assistant sports information director Lauren Biggers was there to take it all in.

Jason: What annoys you most about your roommate?
Thomas: Well, first of all, he leaves the TV on when he falls asleep. Just because I can’t fall asleep. And he also snores, so I can’t fall asleep. And he’s dirty, which makes me be dirty. Is it supposed to be one thing?
Jason: Do I get to answer that too? His girlfriend. Don’t put that.
Thomas: No, you write that and see what happens.

Boris: Do you Google yourself? Jason?
Jason: Yeah, who doesn’t? I have. (To Thomas) Do you?
Thomas: I have. There’s nothing on me.
Boris: Do you YouTube yourself?
Thomas: I did YouTube myself one time. When I YouTube myself, Steph usually comes up.

Jason: If you could meet anyone in history, living or dead, who would it be?
Boris: Michael Jackson.
Jason: You like Michael Jackson?
Boris: Never, never land.

Jason: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Boris, you are pretty crazy. Have you ever bungee jumped?
Boris: I’ve bungee jumped.
Jason: Have you really?
Boris: Yeah. It was pretty fun, pretty crazy.
Jason: There’s no way I would ever bungee jump. Was it over water or rocks?
Boris: Rocks.
Jason: Wow. No Way.
Boris: It was fun. I would like to go skydiving.
Jason: I’m scared of jumping out of a plane.
Thomas: I’m scared of heights so there’s no way I would do that. I hate heights.
Boris: I heard that doesn’t really matter when you skydive.
Jason: No? I’m scared of dying. How about that?

Thomas: J, what’s your favorite way to spend an off day?
Jason: Sleeping. Probably go see a movie.
Thomas: Yeah, you always go see movies. Play pranks on freshmen.

Boris: What is the best road trip you have taken with the men’s team?
Jason: Can we put Italy in there?
Thomas: Yeah.
Jason: Italy, definitely.
Boris: Not Slovenia.
Thomas: (laughing) Me and J went to Italy. Boris got stopped at the border.
Jason: Boris, did you make it there?
Boris: Yeah I made it there. I couldn’t go to Slovenia.
Jason: Because he’s a French citizen they wouldn’t let him in.
Boris: I needed a visa to go to Slovenia. So Landry (Kosmalski) and I drove back to Italy and spent two days. We had to go to the embassy and everything.
Thomas: How many games did you miss? Two?
Boris: I missed two. And you guys lost.
Thomas: I missed two too actually. One was the Italian national team, and we got blown out by 40.
Boris: Just so you guys know, I was 100 percent. Nothing but wins in Italy.
Thomas: I was too.
Jason: I wasn’t. Ok, I got a good one. Who would play you in a movie? Who would be your love interest?
Boris: The Rock.
Jason: Does it have to be an actor or just a celebrity? I would say Brad Paisley.
Thomas: I would pick Nick Lachey.
Boris: You want Nick Lachey to play you?
Thomas: Yeah, he’s calm and collected. Just a normal guy. Hard working guy.
Jason: And he’s from Cincy. Who would be your love interest?
Thomas: I don’t know. His girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo?
Boris: My love interest would be the girl from Bad Boys 2.
Jason: Bad Boys 2... Oh I know who you are talking about. I don’t know her name.
Thomas: The one that dates Will Smith?
Jason: Yeah.
Boris: Gabrielle Union.
Jason: I would go with either Jessica Alba or that girl from Heroes. Ali Larter?

Thomas: Hey J, where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Jason: Who picked 20 years? Ten years would be better. In 20 years I’ll be 40.
Thomas: You’ll be the 40-year-old bachelor, man. Living the dream.
Jason: I’ll be in my mansion in Vegas or somewhere. What about you Thomas, where will you be in 20 years?

Thomas: I don’t know. I’ll be somewhere I guess. Hopefully have a family. Some money... What was or is your favorite place to play? ... I love playing in Charleston.
Jason: Yeah. I like the atmosphere there.
Boris: Yeah I like Charleston.
Jason: The Southern Conference tournament in Charleston.
Boris: I don’t like The Citadel though.
Thomas: No, I like playing at the College of Charleston.
Boris: Southwest Missouri State.
Jason: That was fun.
Boris: Yeah, that was good.
Thomas: I didn’t like that one.
Boris: I loved it. It was intense.
Jason: I don’t think any of us played.
Boris: We didn’t.
Thomas: I got in for a minute, and I turned it over.
Jason: I got in for two minutes. I got one steal. That’s all that matters.
Boris: I got in. I think I had a turnover, too.
Thomas: Did you come right out?
Boris: Yeah.

Thomas: If you didn’t play basketball, what sport would you play?
Jason: Golf.
Boris: NASCAR racing. I’d be the first 6-8 black guy.
Jason: (To Thomas) What about you? Football?
Thomas: Yeah. I’d definitely play football.
Boris: Yeah, I’d play football too.
Thomas: Come on Boris. The hands? What are you gonna play? Lineman?
Jason: Lineman?
Thomas: Dude, they are all 6-8. You just have to put some weight on.
Jason: Like 250 pounds.
Boris: Are you serious? I can catch a football. I’ve been practicing with my roommate.
Jason: Yeah, in your apartment right?
Boris: Yeah, and throwing it outside too.

Thomas: I don’t want to answer this question.
Jason: What is it?
Thomas: How long does it take you to get ready to go out? It doesn’t take me that long, but J is already done in like two seconds. And I put something on.
Jason: Thomas is like, “J, Which looks better? This or this?” I’m like (snaps). Boris is always looking good.
Thomas: Boris is always dressed really nice. It must take Boris really long because he’s always late.
Boris: I was never late because I didn’t know what to wear.

Jason: Something about you that people would be surprised to know? ... Not many believe that I dunked in high school.
Thomas: You didn’t.
Jason: I did. I have it on videotape.

Thomas: Worst question you’ve ever been asked by a media member? Steph, come here and answer this one.
Boris: So, what does Steph think right now?
Thomas: Somebody didn’t ask me about Steph. That was weird. I kind of expected it. I’m sorry, are you just trying to make me feel good?

Boris: Three people you would like to go to dinner with?
Jason: Michael Jackson? You said you wanted to meet him.
Boris: Yeah, but he wouldn’t be invited to dinner.
Jason: Bob McKillop.
Thomas: Let’s do that tonight.
Jason: Oh, for that other question, people would be surprised to know that Boris actually gave me the cut above my eye. We slowed the tape down. It was you.

Jason: Here is a good one. What is the funniest thing Coach McKillop ever said to you?
Thomas: How about weird?
Jason: Coach wanted to call Thomas “The Colonel.” Colonel Sander. But Thomas didn’t want him to.
Thomas: I thought it was clever.
Boris: We had to vote.
Jason: We had a thing in the locker room that said Colonel or General for Thomas.
Boris: All of the players picked Colonel, but somehow it was General.

Thomas: Coach listens to me... Oh, favorite muscle to work on? If I had to choose one, I’d probably say pectoral muscles. I like that.
Jason: I’d say bis.
Boris: I’d say tris.
Thomas: Together we could win a competition.

Jason: Yeah, together we would be huge. What’s your favorite basketball memory?
Thomas: Italy was fun. Also winning SoCon last year was cool.
Jason: Yeah, because no one expected us to do it. Going 16-0 was nice.
Thomas: Yeah. It lost a lot of luster though because the other stuff.
Jason: Winning the Arizona State thing last year.
Boris: Steph Curry.
Jason: Steph Curry committing to Davidson College.

Boris: Most memorable shot you made? A lot of Steph Curry shots that I was close to.
Thomas: Mine was definitely my first three against Charlotte, sophomore year. First three I had ever made. No one expected it, and we were up like three.
Boris: What about the dunk in Charlotte, sophomore year?
Jason: The one you blew up the picture of and put on our wall. We had this huge picture of Thomas dunking on our wall.
Thomas: I gave that to my dad. I got self-conscious.
Jason: (To Boris) What was yours?
Boris: I have two. The alley oop from Kenny. I almost made Top 10... And Jason’s out of bounds play.
Jason: Oh, this year? I don’t have any memorable shots. I have memorable assists.

Thomas: Steph or Dell Curry?
Boris: I never played with Dell Curry so I have to take Steph.
Jason: (Nodding to SID office) Is Steph in there?
Thomas: I would pick Seth.

Jason: I’d take Steph. He’s my teammate. What’s your favorite thing on the menu at the Brickhouse? (To Thomas) I know yours. Quesadillas?
Thomas: I like the quesadillas. Those are good.
Boris: Chicken parm.
Jason: Yeah, you always get that. I like the flounder. The flounder sandwich.

Thomas: What’s your favorite meal at Commons? ... Chicken parm.
Jason: Chicken parm. It’s everybody’s favorite.

Thomas: What’s your favorite non-basketball memory at Davidson? ... Going out on the boat.
Jason: Yeah, hanging out at Lake Campus.
Boris: I’d say hanging out with the football guys this summer.
Thomas: It’s definitely interesting.
Jason: Very.

Boris: If you could do it again, what would you do differently?
Thomas: I wouldn’t get hurt so often.
Jason: College, or just basketball? I wouldn’t do anything differently.
Thomas: It panned out pretty well. I’d still be an econ major, unfortunately.
Boris: I wouldn’t lose to UNCG freshman year.
Thomas: I would have lifted more. In-season. I lift a lot out of season.

Jason: Favorite Davidson professor? Favorite Davidson class?
Boris: Oh, for the other one. I would try to come on time. Not that I didn’t try.
Jason: Favorite class? I would say the Vietnam Experience. What professor do I have now that I need help with?
Thomas: I’d say Dr. Appleyard. And Dr. Roberts. And Dr. Smith.
Jason: I like Dr. McMillen. My thesis professor.
Boris: I would say Dr. Yoder, my French advisor. Favorite class I would say that sociology class...
Jason: Gender and Society.

Thomas: Thing you can’t live without?
Boris: Steph Curry’s jump shot.
Jason: Can we all say Steph Curry?

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