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Davidson 70 College of Charleston 58

The Wildcats finish up their stay in Charleston by playing an early evening game with the College of Charleston tonight at 5. Davidson (12-6, 10-0) is coming off a ho-hum 86-70 win over The Citadel while Charleston (9-10, 4-5) is trying to recover from a 88-71 home loss to UNC-Greensboro.

Davidson's Stephen Curry was given mention this morning on ESPN's College Gameday. The sophomore ranks fifth in the nation with 24.3 points per game. Davidson has not lost a game in the city of Charleston in the last four years and own a 44-9 all-time record against the Cougars.

Keep it here for live commentary throughout tonight's game and a post-game article from Michael Kruse.
Well so much for that. I just arrived on site to find that CofC does not have wireless in the arena. Neither Kevin Cary nor I will be able to post anything during the game. Sorry.

Check that. The SID department hooked me up with their wireless card and we are good to go.
20 minutes to tip

The CofC student section chants Sonya Curry and she stands up to give a bow.
Brendan McKillop has a wrap on his right wrist that he wasn't wearing during Thursday's Citadel game. Don't know how serious this is, but he is favoring it a little bit in shootaround.

For being such a hot ticket, Kresse Arena is pretty slow to fill up in the season ticket sections. It is three minutes to tip and there are still plenty of seats in the upper section and endzone section.

The first few minutes of this game will be key for Davidson. I feel like the Cougars' confidence is getting down to its last leg. Davidson can break that leg with the type of offensive blitz that they have put on teams like GSU and Chatt. CofC might not be able to recover.
17:40 D 6 CofC 2
Jason bails Davidson out on its first possession by hitting a three at the buzzer. Sander attempts his first three in ages and hits. Curry needs to stop falling down on his three point attempts. He is taking himself out of position just to be dramatic. MPG with two big steals early.
16:00 D 6 CofC 2
Cremins has 6-7 Antwaine Wiggins guarding Curry. Wiggins has long arms and is making life tough for Steph so far. CofC's offense has not looked sharp with early misses, but Davidson is shooting very late in the shot clock, and has turned the ball over twice.
14:02 D 12 CofC 4
Goudelock has scored all of CofC's points so far. He's no Draper, but he isn't bad either. Davidson is winning the frontcourt battle as Sander has scored two easy layups and CofC has not been rebounding well. Curry's first points came off a patented step-back jumper. Wiggins doesn't have the speed to stay with him in an iso situation.
11:53 D 15 CofC 4
Davidson is killing on the offensive boards. Boris seems to have lost a little touch with his close jumper as he missed two gimmes in a row. But CofC doesn't have any offensive rhythm and they aren't getting trash balls. This isn't pretty for Davidson by any stretch, but they are outhustling the Cougars.
9:29 D 18 CofC 9
Lovedale showing a new move as he took his defender down the lane and made a reverse layup. In his first touch of the game he immediately traveled. But then Lovedale misses a layup and fouls Johnson for an and1. He sits down on the bench. Davidson getting sloppy now.
7:18 D 23 CofC 9
Both Will and Boris, while not hitting shots, have done well to keep the ball alive on the offensive end. Jason Richards finished off a 5 o-rebound possession with a three. Curry got a minute break before the media timeout and he'll be back soon. The Cougars haven't let him beat them, but they aren't getting easy baskets and their jump-shooting cannot keep up with Davidson's.
5:32 D 26 CofC 14
Rossiter gets called with a charge after he hits a nice turnaround. That's a bad call. Then on the other end, Lovedale was whistled for a foul and the Cougars converted another three-point play. Curry is back in. And he takes it hard to the hole and gets hacked. A chant of Sonya makes Curry miss the second FT.
2:43 D 32 CofC 16
Lovedale with several big jumpers but his two fouls will make Coach put Boris in for the rest of the half. Jermaine Johnson has been a non-entity for the Cougars. As the only player recognizable from last year's squad outside of Tony White, Johnson seems to have no drive or intensity about him. He's not getting the ball and he's not rebounding either. I think that I'm probably not the only one who thinks that he and his bad attitude should have left along with Josh Jackson.
Halftime D 40 CofC 25
Boris has messed up some on the defensive end and the Cougars have converted at the rim. Barr and Curry hit big threes but CofC hit a big three before the half. Back with some stats in a little bit.

Sander leads all Davidson scorers with 12 points. He has gotten some nice looks inside and actually converted on a three-point attempt from the top of the key. His first ever three pointer came during his sophomore year down here in Kresse Arena and helped seal a 10-point Davidson win.

Davidson has outrebounded Charleston 26-15, with an 11-5 edge on offensive boards. Curry only has nine points on 3-7 shooting, with only 3 three-point attempts (he hit two).

Jermaine Johnson made a big shot near the end of the half to bring his point total up to 5, but Goudelock leads all Cougar scorers with 7. Tony White Jr. is 0-4 from the field while Dustin Scott is 1-3 from the field.

Davidson just about had the Cougars on the ropes after two consecutive three-pointers, but Charleston had big points before the half to keep their crowd and players in the game. This 15-point advantage doesn't look like much when you remember that Charleston recovered from a 50-25 halftime deficit to Temple to beat them on a neutral court.
17:15 D 40 CofC 27
This second half has started slowly. CofC has shot a lot. Missed even more. Curry with a bone-head play as he fouls Tony White on a three-point attempt. White hits 2 of 3. Mad Max misses a gimme layup and things are getting frustrating. And then Thomas drops the ball. Davidson needs this media timeout coming up.
15:30 D 44 CofC 30
Sander clears his throat and gets the scoring started again. He now has sixteen off of nice dishes from Curry and Lovedale. Andrew is getting better and better on offense with shot selection, dribbling and passing vision. The Cougars are missing some gimmes themselves, but the Wildcats aren't out of this heat by any stretch. Curry is still pretty unproductive by his standards. I expect that to change coming out of this timeout.
11:56 D 46 CofC 31
The threes are not going down for Davidson tonight. Both Will and Stephen missed from the corner right in front of me. This is one of the slowest games in terms of scoring that we've seen since Elon. Curry just picked up his second foul away from the basket. While I mention some of Davidson's uninspiring offensive production, I might as well bring up Richards. He is really off his game tonight with a turnover and an air ball in front of the CofC student section. His assist totals are lower than normal which might not always be his fault, but he isn't playing his best ball tonight. 8 minutes into the second half...Davidson 6 CofC 6.
9:30 D 51 CofC 34
Sander and Lovedale are reading the interior perfectly. First, Lovedale reads the double and dishes to a wide open Thomas (19 points) and then Sander returns the favor and Lovedale finger rolls it in. Davidson knows where to attack right now and they are doing it efficiently. That's good to see.
7:32 D 53 CofC 39
Curry finally hits a jumper. He had the ball for most of that possession and was just waiting for his own dribble to find him space on the wing. Swish. He's only got 11. Don't think he won't search for those nine in the last seven minutes here.
5:19 D 57 CofC 42
Two possessions. Two Curry shots and no dice. Curry needs to look for his teammates if the shot isn't there. Especially now. Davidson needs to put this game away. McKillop calls a full timeout while Curry was bringing the ball up the court at full speed. Nonetheless, Davidson's 15 point lead is enough to make some College students check out and start the party night early.
1:57 D 63 CofC 52
Huge night for Thomas Sander. He now has 21 points including some nice looking FT strokes. This was a career night for him. The Cougars apply the pressure but it might be too little too late. Goudelock pulls it to within eleven and this place makes one last attempt at momentum.
Final D 70 CofC 58
Outside of some strong play from Lovedale and especially Sander, this game didn't prove too much for either team. College of Charleston is not completely out of the SoCon race in the South, and yet Davidson didn't prove that they are unbeatable tonight either. They only proved that they were better than a Cougar team that missed tons of free throws and missed some layups. Davidson had their own trouble on the offensive end and did not put the Cougars away when they had the chances.

But another conference win on the road is nothing to be ashamed of. Davidson won't be content heading home...and that's a good thing. They still have a long road ahead of them before coming back to the fair city in a little over a month.

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