Friday, December 07, 2007

Davidson's Stephen Curry written up in LA Times

The Davidson Wildcats will be welcomed to the California coast Saturday morning with yet another mention in a national news source. The LA Times ran a feature on Stephen Curry today. The article played up Davidson's small size where a lady at the laundry (did we mention that Davidson has free laundry?? get over it already, we pay for it in the tuition) knew Steph to come give him a hug and wish him luck in California. The story then goes on to play up the old line about how many ACC schools missed out on Steph, only for the prolific scorer to end up feeling at home in little Davidson. The image of Davidson continues to be circulated around the country this year...but the Wildcats need to reaffirm their hype by playing the type of basketball that made them so successful last season.

Saturday's game against UCLA will be Davidson's third contest against a Top 10 squad this season, and it will come as a part of a huge festival, celebrating the life of John Wooden and UCLA basketball as a whole. On Friday night, Davidson participated in a banquet where all of the participating schools shared highlights, gave brief speeches and displayed team paraphernalia. In many ways, the schedule is eerily similar to the type of routine that Davidson would have in an NCAA Tournament game. This will be yet another step towards gaining the confidence to compete and win on that Broadway stage. Except that this one has a little more of a Hollywood feel to it.

Photo by Brian Westerholt

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