Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Davidson 82 Lenoir Rhyne 58

The Wildcats are warming up in new Red warmups and the Wildcat is attempting half-court shots.

The Wildcats have a new walk-on on their lineup that fans did not see in the Night with the Cats. Mike Schmidt is a 6-4, 205lb freshman from Rocky Mount, NC. He will be wearing Lamar Hull's old number 20 this season.

Lenoir-Rhyne provided Belk Arena with a new first tonight. The Bears brought along their cheerleading squad, something the Southern Conference does not allow. It will be pretty crowded along the sidelines tonight.

Although he isn't on the radio, John Kilgo is in attendance tonight. We are all eagerly anticipating some new nicknames for this year's freshman class.

Former Wildcat Logan Kosmalski is also in attendance tonight.

Reggie Bratton is the star guard/forward for Lenoir Rhyne. He led the Bears in scoring last year with 16.7 ppg. Bratton is listed at 6-4, 190 from Charlotte.

MPG airballs the first shot of the game but Sander rebounds it for the score. The Wildcats' height advantage is incredible. Offensive rebounds galore thus far.
The Wildcats seem a bit too business-like right now. A bit lazy with the ball and not as frenetic on their pace. Two turnovers in a row on offense and the jump shots are a little off.
And Stephen just missed a wide open dunk. Collective OOOOOOHHHHH
The Wildcats have five straight possessions without a basket. It's not too pretty right now. You can definitely see how these D-II teams are driving their opponents crazy. The Wildcats have mismatch advantages at every position and it seems like they don't really know where to attack. When they do attack it isn't very successful.
Thomas Sander just got poked in the eye on a Bear drive. He's already been fouled hard on the offensive end. Rossiter, Archambault and Lovedale in the game.
College comm. is here with some cameras tonight to get some footage for a commercial to be used in ESPN's coverage of the UNC game. They just got footage of a nice J-Rich drive and finish. 5 fouls on Davidson so far.
I've been ripping on the Wildcats a bit, but I will say that their defense has been very good. They've already forced two charging calls, have a block and a few steals. Steph is handling the point right now.
These refs are a bit whistle-happy right now. 8 minutes, 9 total fouls.
Another Wildcat turnover on a late possession travel by Sander. Curry is taking a breather with 4 points on two pull-up jumpers. Am really surprised to see no set interior plays to Sander or Boris or Andrew. The height is there but the Wildcats are playing on the perimeter.
For frequenters of Belk Arena, you will notice that the fraternity guys that usually sit behind the visitor's bench have been moved up several rows and several rows of Davidson season ticket holders take their place.
The Cats are having a little trouble with this LR full court press. Four straight turnovers (9 total). Bears are in the bonus.
10:10 D 11 LR 12
Archambault short arms a three. We look really really tired right now, while LR is running all over the court. A three pointer gives them the lead.
8:39 D 13 LR 16
BMcKillop into the game at point and JRich moves to the 2. Sander breaks the drought with a nice hard-fought layup. Curry's been on the bench for a while.
7:51 D 13 LR 16
The fans are finally waking up a little after a poor no-call that turned into a J-Rich double dribble after he was pushed off the ball. We'll see whether that wakes everyone up. Belk Arena feels very lackadaisical and nothing like last year. Fans and players alike seemed a bit stunned. Curry is back in the game which might serve to be a catalyst.
5:43 D 18 LR 16
Boris Meno just about ripped the rim off with a dunk. Emotion is coming back. Meno then gets an O rebound, puts it back and gets fouled. Lovedale has gotten several impressive D rebounds.
5:00 D 18 LR 18
LR now in the double bonus with Lovedale's third foul. Curry is way short on his three-point attempts. He's airballed one or two.
3:31 D 23 LR 21
Sander gets a nice layup and now has six points. Barr hits a three and gets fouled on another. BBarr will go to the line after the media timeout.
1:40 D 27 LR 26
JRich trying to make some stuff happen one-on-one on offense. He slashes to the basket on a well-screened play, and then gets fouled on the next posession. Hit 1 of 2 free throws. It looks like Steph will end the half on the bench.
Halftime 31 LR 27
Meno ends the half on a huge dunk after cutting from a high screen. It was a nice-looking set play that Wildcat fans have seen often. (I just realized that everyone already has access to stats on

Davidson is shooting 13-29 from the field and 2-14 from three land. LR's shooting has been poor as well, only 8-34 from the field. JRich and Sander lead all Wildcat scorers with 8 apiece while Curry only has 4 points on 2-7 shooting (0-4 from three).

The Wildcats have committed 11 fouls and given the ball up 12 times (Curry has four turnovers). Richards leads all rebounders with 5, he also has 5 assists.

The Cats are all business in the warmups right now. This thing might get blown open to start this half. I would say that I'm pretty disappointed in the crowd. Granted, it is an exhibition and Davidson hasn't given them much to cheer about. But the students aren't starting cheers and it's pretty silent most of the time.
18:20 D 36 LR 27
A couple of offensive fouls on both teams and we're off in the second half. Another D turnover sandwiched a nice fast break miss and put back from Boris. Max forces another turnover and hits a line-drive three on the other end. LR timeout.
Coach said something. And it probably had to do with defense. This scoring drought is going to be overcome with aggressive defense. Funny how that works.
16:41 D 43 LR 29
Curry hits a three, Sander with a steal and Curry finishes with an impressive behind the back layup AND1 (but he misses FT). The Davidson defense is relentless. Curry again. Here we go.
15:08 D 45 LR 32
Curry gets an impressive steal and gets the ball back for the finish. He now has 9 second half points for a total of 13. The defense is looking really impressive and most of the points are coming off of the break rather than half-court situations.
12:51 D 53 LR 44
The Wildcats have slowed a bit with Curry on the bench and LR has made a run. It's not good when LR is scoring on us inside.
11:27 D 56 LR 44
Barr and Arch finally getting into the act from the outside. Will also had a nice slash drive which many fans had been wanting all season. Davidson went with a trapping defense which LR handled pretty well, getting some good looks. Boris takes us into the media timeout with a big block. He has certainly recognized the need for those emotional "daggers."
9:52 D 58 LR 48
Curry picks up his fourth foul on the new scoreboard. But after a quick little conference then change it back to three. Overall, however, the new stat boards are really nice and helpful, except for when they tell us that we have eight team fouls already.
7:43 D 66 LR 48
Curry's wrap on his left hand is hurting him visibly. He missed on a one-handed pass. Boris dunk percentage is now at 60% (3/5). Rossiter has played very well for Sander tonight. Richards has done well at attacking the basket.

And Meno with another O rebound and finish. He has 14 points at this point. It looks like KCary's feature on him really upped his confidence. He is going strong at the basket on every touch.

And it's Sweet Caroline time!
4:26 D 79 LR 49
Jason and Boris are getting it done on both ends of the court, they have 16 and 17 points respectively. And the refs are calling some more fouls. LR in the double bonus but they don't shoot free throws very well.

Boris again. Now he's got 19. Meno again on the offensive end. He's going to be the man in the paint this year (at least after tonight's display, we'll see whether it continues). Sander's been on the bench for quite a while as Rossiter comes in to give Meno a breather.
3:04 D 81 LR 54
McKillop back in and playing the 2 to Richards' 1. Lovedale has looked not so good on the offensive end. He's getting boards but the shots are not there. And we're at the last official timeout. This one could have ended badly but Davidson didn't embarass here in the second half.

One last note, the Davidson pep band has pretty much stolen the ESPN mix from the Chattanooga Mocs. I hate it because it sounds so cool, and yet it always reminds me of bad times in the Roundhouse.
1:33 D 82 LR 56
Civi and Nelms in to join Arch, Brendan and Steve. Now Bond in for Will.
Final D 82 LR 58


No Intro 77 said...

At this rate the final score will be in the 40's. This is NOT pretty...

No Intro 77 said...

MUCH better second half.
I think the best news is that's it's not all about Steph.

DrFrankLives said...

i'm worried about the wrist

wibryan said...

I think that Steph will heal up pretty quickly. While Cary's Observer article did point out the few times that the wrist bothered Steph, there were a few other times where I was amazed with his left-handed ball control.

The key will be to keep it protected. I wouldn't be surprised if UNC made it a point of emphasis to get Steph involved in a very physical matchup.