Thursday, July 05, 2007

Player Profiles: #35 Dan Nelms

Dan Nelms is one of Davidson's most unknown and unheralded players. Standing at 6'9", he is currently the tallest player on the Wildcats' roster. But last year, Nelms only averaged 3.3 minutes and 0.8 points a game. With Steve Rossiter taking up most of the foul-protection minutes for the frontcourt, Nelms was limited strictly to end-of-game action when the score wasn't close.

Although Nelms didn't have many opportunities to put his talents on display during live game action, he definitely showed some slivers of what Davidson fans can come to expect out of their frontcourt in the next few years.

Firstly, Nelms is an excellent three-point shooter. Of his 18 shot attempts last season, five of them were three-pointers. Nelms has been able to consistently make three-point baskets while playing for the scout team in practice. What remains to be seen is whether the new NCAA three-point distance will affect the forward whose touch always seems to just barely get the ball over the front rim.

Secondly, Nelms showed that he has the ability to elevate over most forwards in the Southern Conference. The rising sophomore always seemed to outjump his opponents as he battled for loose balls at ground floor + 7.5 feet. Nelms' height and length will be a physical advantage that the Davidson frontcourt has not enjoyed for a few years.

However, without any forward graduating from last year's squad, it is questionable as to whether Nelms will get substantially more playing time in his sophomore campaign. While physical attributes will continue to be his strength, Nelms will need to develop more court awareness and confidence, things that will only come from more playing time in the primetime.

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