Thursday, March 01, 2007

Davidson 78 Chattanooga 68

So ends Chattanooga's streak of title games. Look for a full writeup with quotes and stats later this afternoon.
Boris Meno with another big dunk. Chattanooga is used to those in this building.
Stephen Curry for three! And this game is over. Curry has 20 points, which will probably be padded with some free throws down the stretch.
Max gets called for a foul on a three-pointer from Mays. Mays misses the first. Mays hits the second. Mays hits the third.
BORIS MENO WITH A DUNK!!!!! And then another follow. Davidson fans going nuts! What a way to end a game.
Crunch time after a Thomas turnover. Boris gets a big-time block that is called a held ball. Under two minutes.
Two Moc fans behind me have been yelling that "Stephen is not ready," all game. After that nice floater over two Moc defenders, I'm pretty sure that he's not ready either.
Doaks hits another two for UTC to keep them close. UTC will have the ball after this timeout and will most likely attack the paint. Boris is still riding the bench with four fouls and he has been the best defender for us against these Moc leapers.
Boris Meno comes back in, after UTC converts an old-fashioned three-point play. Davidson is right on the verge of pulling away. Need a bucket this possession.
Jason Richards hits a three, and he has a quiet 18 points.
Thomas Sander hits a three-pointer, and UTC's Casey Long counters. Bryant Barr is also back in the lineup. Davidson just can't seem to find a way to pull away.
Boris Meno just picked up his fourth foul which will really hurt. Chattanooga is attacking like mad in the paint.
Chattanooga is really cold from outside but their attack on the offensive boards have kept them in this game. I hate to imagine what this game would be if the Mocs could actually hit three pointers. The one stat in the Wildcat's favor right now is team fouls. UTC has seven and Boris Meno will be on the line after the timeout.
Chattanooga gets four quick points to take back the lead. Davidson can't seem to get any buckets to fall as Jason Richards repeatedly drives the paint to no avail. Davidson's rebounding is also becoming a problem. The Wildcats can't allow for so many second chances. Boris Meno and Thomas Sander both have three fouls, and Stephen has disappeared.
Both teams really want ownership of the paint right now. Boris Meno just had a block ruled as a foul on him and he will come out.

Andrew Lovedale takes the ball in and gets a blocking foul and 1. This is a real trench battle.
Stephen Curry just got hit in the face then comes back and gets a steal. What a baller. This game is getting really really physical.
Both teams are starting to heat it up from the floor, as Chattanooga has scored on their last three possessions. Thomas Sander will be on the line when they get back from the media timeout.
Thomas Sander just got two big blocks on the last several possessions. He is still a long way behind Boris for the team lead, however. But it's still nice to see T get some airtime.
Chattanooga's bench just got a technical foul and the Mocs seem to be unraveling a little bit. Davidson is having some more luck in the paint as well.

Stephen Curry has nine points and Jason Richards has eight. The Wildcats committed 10 turnovers in that first half and Jason Richards only had 1 assist. However, I think it says a lot about our program that are so upset about a first half in which leading, shooting a better percentage from the floor, and have no one in foul trouble.

And the announcer just told us that we are under a severe weather watch. Go Charleston!
You have to wonder about the emptiness behind these baskets. The Wildcats are really off on their outside shots and these baskets are really on an island with nothing behind them. Chattanooga is more used to playing in this in their gym.

As I write this, Stephen Curry nails a three-pointer, so of course I don't know anything.
Many posters on talked about the need for the Wildcats to play loose. For those reading this right now, Davidson is not playing loose. They seem to be playing not-to-lose in the worst possible ways. Davidson can definitely pull this one off, but a bad formula is playing out in the first half here.
Boris has been having trouble today. He has no points and just dribbled the ball off of his foot. Stephen Curry is also off on several of his shots.

And the pep band is playing Sweet Caroline. I'm not sure if this demographic of fans will sing though. No, they didn't.
Bryant Barr comes in the game and gets 5 quick points. Steve Rossiter also entered the game. Maybe Coach McKillop was taking notes during the women's game today. Good to see some bench minutes. Rossiter just got two quick fouls on pretty picky calls and Chattanooga is now in the bonus.
Andrew Lovedale hits a big turnaround jumper to stop the scoring draught and Thomas Sander takes a charge on the other end. However, the Wildcats seem to be playing last year's basketball. They are playing slow to Chatt's up-tempo game. I thought that this was a different team this year. If we aren't going to run with people, we need to start shooting lights out.
Davidson fans are squirming right now. The Wildcats can't seem to find much offense as they are turning the ball over. Chattanooga is getting some dunks as they have a lot of momentum right now. Davidson can't seem to hang onto the ball. This is getting ugly.
William Archambault hits his first three of the game. Right now, Chattanooga is using its speed pretty effectively and breaking the Wildcat defense down off the dribble. The Wildcat double team is coming and Chattanooga is one good pass away from getting an easy shot. Sometimes they find it, and sometimes not.
Coach McKillop has yet to go to his bench. Andrew Lovedale keeps looking up very expectedly. The Davidson offense is not looking very strong right now as Thomas airballs a six-footer.

Take that back. Andrew finally comes in. Still, it took a while.
Chattanooga fans aren't ready to go back to Tennessee. They have shown up in big numbers today and are cheering very loudly. Stephen Curry is on the line after this media timeout.
Stephen Curry starts the Davidson scoring with a three-pointer. 5 away.
Chattanooga doesn't believe in shooting. After last year's final loss to Davidson, the Mocs coach John Shulman said that his team played really well outside of shooting. Well, if you can't put the ball in the basket, I really do have to ask what the point is. The Mocs missed their first three shots today.
We are 10 minutes from tip here in the North Charleston Coliseum. Both teams are warming up and the crowds are moving in. Davidson reportedly sold 500 tickets to this game. The excitement is very tangible for a 2 o clock afternoon game.

In the media's season awards that were released today, Kyle Hines won Player of the Year while Stephen Curry was elected to the first team. Jason Richards and Thomas Sander were elected to the second team.

UT-Chattanooga has made it to the Southern Conference finals four years in a row, and they surprised a good many people last night with their victory over Wofford. They slowed down the Terriers perimeter attack and went inside themselves. Ricky Hood scored 13 points and grabbed 10 rebounds for the Mocs.

In these two teams last meeting, Davidson won in a rout 87-57. The Mocs were often unable to find any open shots and gave up 30 turnovers on the game. The Cats will call on the services of Max Paulhus Gosselin, Stephen Curry and Jason Richards to reproduce that stat line today.


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Great write-up Will. The details and the eyewitness account from the game really help those stuck at their desks hours away from the action. Keep up the good work. Go Cats!