Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Niche

As some of you may or may not know, keeping up an active blog is very tiring and can frankly be a lot of work.

If you look at some of the blogs with the highest impacts and hit counts, almost all of them are blogs that have no nearly no original content (take, arguably one of the biggest sports blogs in the country). These blogs make their living on finding the crazy and dirty of the sports world and giving us more of it every twenty minutes.

On the other hand, you also have blogs like Mark Clayton's and Ricky Dimon's ( that publish exposes on different subjects and require a little more dedication from their readers. Moreover, they claim to represent the point-of-view of young, passionate sports fans for whom ESPN doesn't write and who are most completely represented by two college students playing Beer Pong on their "About Us" page.

I hope to continue to blaze a trail for sports fans, especially those in the Davidson community, who want to have a little more than the AP story, a little less of the YouTube videos of athletes picking their nose, and something that continues to transform and inspire us about the world of sports.

After seeing the crowds of students during last night's Davidson/UIC game and hearing people talk about Davidson basketball today, I am reconvinced that this whole sports stuff is more than just the lust of the crowds for competition, fighting and victory. Humans have a particular knack for orienting themselves in terms of teams and seeing things in the duality of win/lose.

Throughout this winter, while Davidson basketball will drive most of my commentary, and I want to use my newfound motivation to talk about such things as race and sports (I am actually taking a class on it next semester), business in sports, and the psychology of success.

As always, please leave me any comments if you have thoughts and look for some pre-game thoughts before Sunday's Missouri game.

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